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Isa Tousignant

Isa Tousignant

Welcome to Montréal! We’re laying out our welcome mat (our red carpet, if you will) and can’t wait for you to relish the best the city has to offer. We have one simple condition: that while you’re here, you don’t consider yourself a visitor — you’re one of us. Whether you’re here for days, weeks or years, we’re counting on you to enjoy Montréal like a local, in the spirit of respect, responsibility and revelry! Here’s how: 

1. Waste and impact management

Montréal’s green initiatives are many: there’s a real focus on eco-friendly travel and sustainable tourism. Cafés no longer provide single-use plastic straws and shops no longer provide single-use plastic bags, so being conscious of your waste management is easy. Here are a few things you do to make it even easier, and fun: 

  • Taste without waste: There’s a very cool zero-waste food scene here, and most food courts now provide compost disposal, too. 
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle: If you do accumulate packaging on the go, note that you’ll find recycling bins in public spaces, malls and on street corners throughout the city.  
  • Tool up: Think ahead and make sure you pack reusable bottles, cups and bags for your day-to-day life as a city explorer, or shop for great Montréal-made totes and reusables. 
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2. Zero-emission transportation

Help us lower carbon emissions with your every move by choosing low-impact transportation options. That said, you don’t even have to use transport; the city is so easily walkable, all you need for fuel is your own curiosity! Here are some other ideas: 

  • Get biking: With a Bixi city bike program that spans the city and a network of 700 kilometres of bike lanes (and counting!), two-wheel travel makes total sense.  
  • Think public: Public transport is a pleasure in itself, thanks to Montréal’s increasing fleet of electric city buses a metro network that’s easy to navigate. 
  • Move lightly: Choose one destination area per day, and explore its nooks and crannies on foot. You’ll want to discover all our incredible neighbourhoods, guaranteed! 

You can even calculate the carbon footprint of your visit to Montréal and offset it with a donation.

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3. Buy local

Montréal is a city in constant creative ebullience, which means you can get locally crafted versions of pretty much everything you may dream of. From your daily bread to designer souvenirs, help support the city economically by buying local! Here are great ways to shop with a sense of place: 

Chinatown - gastronomy

4. Welcome diversity

In Montréal we do more than accept diversity — we welcome it. Better than that, we seek it out and celebrate it! That means that you, like anyone else, are free to be you, in full safety and security. Here are more ways to:  

  • Meet and greet: It’s easy to meet locals, mainly because locals want to meet you too — travellers are embraced for the new perspectives they bring, so feel free to spark up conversations wherever you go.  
  • Seek out diversity: Explore our diversity by discovering indigenous culture, soaking up the art scene, or enjoying the LGBTQ+ club scene
  • Savour difference: Get a taste (literally) of the various diaspora that call Montréal home in our Jewish, Chinese, Italian, Caribbean and Mexican (to name but a few!) eateries. 

5. Respect and civility

Treat others as you’d like to be treated — yes, that old chestnut! Respecting different vibes comes naturally in Montréal, a happy city that loves a good party but also recognizes people’s right to quiet times. In contrast to the absolutely LIT nightlife (are you more cocktail bar, terrasse, live music joint or club?), there’s a real respect for noise control. 

  • Tiptoe to your taxi: Since most of the nightlife is woven into residential neighbourhoods, being a good neighbour means that after 11 p.m., it’s time to whisper in the streets. 
  • Enjoy the pit stops: With its typical focus on convenience and community, Montréal has designed in the pit stops all over, both permanent and seasonal. Check them out!  
  • Bask in some peace: Make the most of our green spaces for some good, deep contemplation, from our many parks to the Botanical Garden, not to mention the majestic Mount Royal.  


OK, that does it — you are now officially a Montrealer! Make yourself at home. 


Tourisme Montréal would like to thank the following participating organizations for their support in promoting this initiative:

  • Aéroports de Montréal
  • The Greater Montréal Hotel Association (AHGM) and its participating members
  • Gare d'autocars de Montréal
  • Palais des congrès de Montréal
  • The Port of Montreal
  • Quartier des spectacles de Montréal 
Isa Tousignant

Isa Tousignant

Isa Tousignant is a Montréal-based editor and storyteller with a curiosity that runs deeper than most. She has chatted life philosophies with celebrity chefs, gemologists, arena rockers and furries. (All were transformative.) Her free time is spent designing jewellery and laughing at her husband’s jokes.

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