33 top cocktail bars in Montréal

Blair Dohey

Blair Dohey is a Canadian writer and blogger who relentlessly tracks down the coolest things to do and see in Montréal and loves discovering amazing restaurants and bars in the city. When he’s not writing about his travels through Montréal, you’ll probably find him sitting at a bar, chatting with friends and laughing at his own jokes.

This article was updated on February 23, 2024.

Our amazing cocktails bars are part of the recipe that makes Montréal’s nightlife so vibrant. From creative mixology in moody bars and hotel hotspots to classic cocktails found in bars across some of the city’s best-known neighbourhoods, you’re never too far from trying a cocktail that’s daring and new or revisiting a familiar old favourite. Here are a few of our favourite cocktail bars in Montréal.




Bar Nacarat

900 René-Lévesque Boulevard West | Website

Stylish and sophisticated, Bar Nacarat is the crown jewel of the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, featuring a diverse menu of theatrically prepared, delicious signature cocktails and scrumptious snacks. The vibe is cool and upbeat with music made to dance in your seat. Getting dressed up never felt so good.

Cloakroom Bar

2175 De la Montagne Street, Suite 100 | Website

Hidden within the wood-paneled walls of Cloakroom, the downtown menswear store and barber, you’ll find a secret cocktail bar that’s big on flavourful cocktails, wine and much more. Great for a one-of-a-kind happy hour (or 5 à 7 for the locals) before dinner or go later in the evening for even more fun.


Marcus Lounge + Bar

1440 De la Montagne Street | Website

Looking out over Montréal’s downtown core, Marcus Cocktail Lounge & Bar is located in the heart of the city and features a luxurious, calming yet welcoming decor. The cocktails are perfect after a day of shopping on Sainte-Catherine Street or before a mouthwatering meal at the restaurant.

Bar Pamplemousse

1579 Saint-Laurent Blvd. | Website

Located on the Main near the city’s entertainment district, Pamplemousse is hipper than hip and open to all who want to come and enjoy themselves. The house cocktails are a must try and they pair perfectly with the small shareable bits that will no doubt keep those hunger pangs at bay.

Bar le Lab

279 Sainte-Catherine Street East | Website

You won’t find any scary experiments happening at Bar le Lab but you will find a warm decor, a vibrant atmosphere and some of the best cocktails that downtown Montréal has to offer and if a mocktail or an alcohol-free drink is more your speed, they’re selection won’t disappoint. Themed menus offer a great variety of craft cocktails to choose from. Try the Tigre Thai Collins, you won’t regret it.

La Distillerie No.1

300 Ontario Street East | Website

La Distillerie is known for its larger-than-life Mason jar cocktails. These potent creations make for a great night out, whether you’re kicking things off with a Mojito or settling in for a Hurricane (this is a great cocktail) of a good time.

Club Pelicano

1076 Bleury Street, Suite 001 | Website

The aquatic life takes on new meaning at Club Pelicano, a downtown cocktail bar that pays tribute to the abandoned baths of Montréal. Offering inexpensive eats, delectable cocktails, wine, spirits and more, you’ll have no trouble settling in for an hour or two to enjoy your night.


1469 Crescent Street | Website

Toutbon Bar & Lounge is a nightlife destination located in the heart of downtown Montréal on Crescent Street, just a few steps away from Sainte-Catherine Street and near the corner of de Maisonneuve Boulevard. Fueled by great vibes, excellent music, expert lighting and nightlife lovers who are ready to dance the night away, Toutbon offers an upbeat atmosphere that makes it perfect for a night out on the town with friends. Enjoy a selection of craft cocktails plus a selection of fine champagne. 





Big in Japan Bar

4175 Saint-Laurent Boulevard | Website

A long time favourite along the Main in Montréal’s famous Plateau neighbourhood, Big in Japan is well known for its amazing cocktails, its sultry low lighting and decor and that unforgettable fiery-sweet scent of whiskey. Perfect for a date night or a group hang.


Rouge Gorge

1234 Du Mont-Royal Avenue East | Website

Imported wines, an internationally inspired cocktail menu and gourmet treats make Rouge Gorge a must try for fans of the Plateau. The striking decor is modern yet inspired by the classic bistros of Paris. Great for an afternoon cocktail between shopping in the eclectic shops of the Plateau and Mile End.

Le Terminal Bar

1875 Du Mont-Royal Avenue East | Website

Le Terminal has become a go-to bar and microbrewery in Montréal for the cocktails, the local and imported brews and of course, wine. What sets this bar apart from all the rest is the comedy nights and comedy club that opens us all up to a grand laugh. Bars like this aren’t something you see every day and when you drop by for a cocktail on a comedy night, you will find yourself coming back again and again.

Bar le Sparrow

5322 Saint-Laurent Boulevard | Website

From Dark and Stormys to Manhattans, Aperol Spritz and more, the colourful cocktails of Bar le Sparrow are just the beginning. Featuring weekend brunch and dinner all week all served up in a kitschy cool decor. You might come just for a cocktail or two but you may end up staying all night (or afternoon) long.

Bar Plan B

327 Du Mont-Royal Avenue East | Website

Those looking for a great night out with a fun selection of cocktails and a down-to-earth atmosphere have no further to look than Bar Plan B. The bar is the epitome of your typical Plateau-Mont-Royal bar which means, you’ll never need a plan B to enjoy your night. When the summer comes you need to sit out on the back terrace. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere else in the city.


Bar Henrietta

115 Laurier Avenue West | Website

Laurier Street West is as vivacious and cool as ever and Bar Henrietta is a testament to that. The bar has an extensive selection of cocktails, bubby and wine and features a menu of shareable food that’s as fun in the afternoon as it is at night.


Chez Ernest

6596, Saint-Hubert street | Website

If you love good drinks and also enjoy a delicious meal, then Chez Ernest is a great option. Their weekly program offers a variety of activities, such as live music, DJ sets, sports watching, swing shows, improvisation, dancing and more. Be sure to check out their schedule.




h3 Lounge at Humaniti

340 De La Gauchetière Street West, 2nd floor | Website

Inspired by their team of sommeliers and mixologists, h3 lounge at Humaniti in Old Montréal offers a seasonal menu of wonderful cocktails and wine by the glass. The lounge is on the building’s second floor and offers a one-of-a-kind view of the area and soon you can take that drink out to the terrace.

The Coldroom

Saint-Vincent and Saint-Amable Streets | Website

This neighbourhood speakeasy in Old Montréal is known across the city for its spectacular cocktails and fun, laid-back atmosphere. Reservations at The Coldroom are out and the bar is first come, first served. All you have to do is “follow the duck” like the locals do. When you do find what you’re looking for, the rewarding cocktail at the end will be worth it.

Flyjin Montréal

417 Saint-Pierre Street, Suite 102 | Website

Flyjin has been associated with Montréal’s busy nightlife scene for years and there’s a reason why we keep coming back for more. Your evening starts with a couple of cocktails and great food at a cozy table, but the night has only just begun. After dinner, the tables are taken away and the restaurant becomes a happening bar and nightclub complete with some of the best drinks you’ll find in Old Montréal. This is one for those who don’t take partying lightly.


Jules Bar

4005 Notre-Dame Sreet West | Website

Jules Bar, located in the heart of St-Henri, is a stylish bar and eatery offering a selection of signature cocktails plus classic cocktails and a refined wine list. Come to people watch or get cozy for cocktails and chats with friends or colleagues while sharing some wonderful food. The vibe is cool, laid-back and relaxed.

Le Mal Nécessaire

1106B Saint-Laurent Boulevard | Website

A tiki bar in Chinatown? Yes, please! Le Mal Necessaire has one of the quirkiest setups in the city but somehow, it all works. The cocktails, including the Pina Coladas and the Mai Tais, are delicious (and come in all types of perfectly bizarre receptacles) and I dare you to try and stop at one of their Mai Tais.

Philémon Bar

111 Saint-Paul Street West | Website

A true classic along bustling Saint Paul Street in Old Montréal, you might say that Philémon in its time has set a standard for what draws in a crowd, and continues to do so today. This is a great spot to begin your night with a cocktail or two, or to drop by after dinner to do the same. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting with people chatting as the DJ plays on.


Sunset Montréal

131 De la Commune Street West | Website

Get dressed up because you do have somewhere to go. Sunset Montréal is a high-end cocktail and tapas place on De la Commune Street that invites you in with a delicious food menu and keeps you happy with craft cocktails and delicious wines. This one is great for people watching.





Perles et Paddock

403 des Seigneurs Street | Website

This little gem is housed in a former garage that has been completely transformed into a lush, bright venue by day, with a subdued, welcoming atmosphere by night. Specializing in cocktails and artisan wines, Perles et Paddock proudly represents the products of Quebec and the Maritimes through creative, fresh and seasonal cuisine. Its range of drinks and cocktails is particularly delectable.


Le Richmond

377 Richmond Avenue | Website

Since it opened, Le Richmond has become known for its wild nights. While a restaurant at heart, the large bar anchored in the middle of the space makes for an excellent gathering place for cocktail lovers. These folks can create just about any cocktail you desire and the bar features a few standout hits of their own.

Bar King Crab

1726 Notre-Dame Street West | Website

Located in the lair of Makro, an excellent seafood spot in Griffintown, you’ll find King Crab, a dazzling bar where your night can take all kinds of fun turns. Cocktails and conversation flow smoothly in this warm and sophisticated underground bar where cozy booths and DJ sets will keep the night going well into the wee hours of the morning.


1800 Notre-Dame Street West | Website

The glorious fried chicken of Bird Bar is enticing enough but when you’re done chowing down on your delicious meal, head downstairs to Henden, a bar that will whisk you away with lush greenery, great drinks and comfortable seating as you wash down your meal with a delightful cocktail and oysters. Oh, did I mention the fried chicken?




Atwater Cocktail Club

512 Atwater Avenue | Website

The name Atwater Cocktail Club speaks for itself. This warm and inviting space is set steps from the Atwater Market and features quite the collection of signature and standard cocktails for you to choose from. Creative and authentic, this bar purely represents the spirit of Montréal’s nightlife.

Bar de Courcelle

4685 Notre-Dame Street West | Website

A great night will be had at Bar de Courcelle, a fun, laid-back neighbourhood bar that has a curated menu of classic cocktails which can be enjoyed on their own or with some delicious snacks from their concise food menu. Far from pretentious, this bar invites you to come as you are.


4606 Notre-Dame Street West | Website

This quaint St. Henri coffee shop may get your day started off on the right foot with coffee and sandwiches, but you’ll be back later in the day for something more potent. Cordova offers a small selection of fun cocktails, beer and slush that can be enjoyed while you people watch or chat with friends.





Bar Renard

1272 Sainte-Catherine Street East | Website

Bar Renard is a wonderful cocktail bar in the Village Montréal where inclusion and equality are part of the recipe that has patrons packing the place night after night. The drinks are top-notch, and the food menu means you never have to leave. An insta-snap in the colourful bathroom is highly recommended.


Le Blossom

1101 De Maisonneuve Boulevard East | Website

When sushi and cocktails are calling, there’s no better place to enjoy both than at Le Blossom. The cherry tree in the centre of this neo-Japanese bar and restaurant is a delightful reminder that spring isn’t too far off and the cocktails, which are mostly made with saké, make for a wonderful celebration.


Bar Minéral

1641 Atateken Street | Website

Bar Minéral is a relatively new bar in the Village but it packs quite a memorable punch. This colourful hotspot starts off with wine and cocktails early in the evening and slowly descends into the nightlife as the dance floor opens up and the DJ’s come to get us going. A small food menu is also available.

Le Saloon

1333 Sainte-Catherine Street East | Website

It’s hard to find a place in the city that’s been as popular as Le Saloon has been in its 25 plus years serving drinks and food. The energy is high here and no matter if you’re sitting at the bar or at a table, or on the summertime terrace, you’ll want to stick around and party. From Martinis to Aperol, wine and beer, Saloon is always a safe bet for a good time.

Blair Dohey

Blair Dohey is a Canadian writer and blogger who relentlessly tracks down the coolest things to do and see in Montréal and loves discovering amazing restaurants and bars in the city. When he’s not writing about his travels through Montréal, you’ll probably find him sitting at a bar, chatting with friends and laughing at his own jokes.

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