Romantic dining in Montréal

First date? 10th wedding anniversary? There are so many occasions to celebrate l’amour and Montréal has a restaurant for each! Below are some of my favourite romantic Montréal restaurants.

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Places to celebrate special occasions

I am an advocate for celebrating love (and good food) daily but some occasions demand a more glamorous approach. These chic establishments offer outstanding fine dining experiences that are always irreproachable.

Restaurant La Chronique – I go to La Chronique when I am craving an impeccably elegant French meal. I am particularly fond of their foie gras dishes, so make sure to order them.

Restaurant Toqué! – Dining at Toqué! is always a treat. I invariably discover intriguing Québec ingredients and I particularly admire their commitment to local producers.

Bouillon Bilk – Eating at Bouillon Bilk is like experiencing an art exhibit where the décor is a neutral canvas to the colourful market cuisine.

Pastel Restaurant – I love this newcomer to the Montréal dining scene! Inspired by art, the dishes are true masterpieces and never fail to surprise me by their flavour and stunning plating.

Le Mousso – Art on a plate and a most unique Montréal restaurant is how I would describe Le Mousso, which I visit for the awe-inspiring dishes that astonish every time.


Places to rekindle the flame

I am a big fan of cozy and casual dining rooms, which are a great excuse to snuggle up to my date.

Le Vin Papillon – This is one of my favourite restaurants to celebrate any and every occasion. I book a table on the left-hand, more intimate side of the restaurant in winter or on the terrasse in summer and let the knowledgeable staff dictate what I eat and drink. I’ve never been disappointed!

Gus – I really like this intimate 28-seat restaurant where you can actually hear what your date is saying and I am absolutely addicted to its Caesar salad! 

Hoogan et Beaufort – The stunning space, the open-flame cooking, the irreproachable food and the grilled focaccia are all the reasons why I keep going to Hoogan et Beaufort!

Candide ­– By far one of my favourite restaurants for its uncompromising commitment to serving a local and seasonal menu, for its exquisite space in a former presbytery, for the fun staff yet exemplary service and for the excellent wine list that never ceases to surprise me.


Places that are exceptionally beautiful

You’ll only have eyes for your date, but it helps to be in gorgeous surroundings.

Elena – The gorgeous dining room of this Saint-Henri restaurant won the enRoute magazine decor of the year award and I understand why! Their pizza–especially the M. Fun-guy (get it?)–also won my heart.

Marconi – Little Italy’s Marconi is a very handsome restaurant that just happens to be in my neighbourhood. Enjoy its dark and moody setting with one of their excellent cocktails.

Le Serpent – This is one of my favourite restaurant spaces in Montréal. I love the industrial chic décor and its ever-changing pasta menu never disappoints.


Places to share tapas or mezes

Because I always want to try as many things as possible, I love sharing food and these restaurants are often on my list for a romantic night out.

Tapeo Bar à Tapas – Tapeo is always a great date spot and I never tire of their classic tapas, such as the patatas bravas and the Spanish tortilla.

KazaMaza – This is one of the best Lebanese restaurants in town and I head there when I’m feeling homesick. Share some mezes and then order the delicious fattet makdous.

Damas – I am always mesmerized by the One Thousand and One Nights fairy tale décor, which is perfect for a romantic date.

Alep – Alep and its more casual spot Le Petit Alep are my go-to spots for a spontaneous date, where I share some meze and then dig into their spicy Terbialy shish kabab.

Su – The sensual and unique flavours of Turkey’s spice-scented cuisine interpreted by chef Fisun Ercan makes this restaurant one of the best.


Places to share a plate of pasta

Share a plate of spaghetti à la Lady and the Tramp.

Impasto – The Little Italy restaurant is one of the best Italian establishments in town and its homemade charcuterie is as delicious as its pasta.

Nora Gray – A classic Italian restaurant and the perfect romantic spot to share some pasta and conversation.

Mayssam Samaha

Mayssam Samaha, blogger

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