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Montréal should be on any avid traveller’s list every year, but 2019 has got a special lot to offer.


Driven by the energy behind the celebrations for our 375th anniversary, we’re a new and improved city filled with lasting, landscape-changing attractions.

Gardens of Light
Parc Lafontaine

Restaurant Week


Living Connections

Jacques-Cartier Bridge
Notre-Dame Basilica

Small- and large-scale urban projects, a boom in real estate and important touristic developments (including 12 new hotels), transform the way we experience our city. Montreal is still undertaking a dozen of “legacy projects,” innovative initiatives, designed to not only pay their respects to the city’s already considerable historical legacy, but to propel it into the future for generations to come.

Globally acknowledged for its open culture, easy lifestyle, and gastronomy, the city is now a hub for high-tech companies (artificial intelligence, neuroscience, aeronautics, etc.).

Montréal’s Information Technologies scene is booming, and its effects are reaching beyond accelerator hubs and into the entertainment industry, and the very walls of the city.


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Don’t deny yourself a good thing! We are a city that dares to dream big and to inspire visitors to live life to the fullest. Rediscover Montreal, the festival city, cultural and friendly, and resolutely looking to the future.

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Hop from one festival to the next, from homegrown tastes to exotic flavours, from the trails of Mount Royal to the cobblestone streets of Old Montréal. Get inspiration from our lists to live the full Montréal experience.