15 romantic bars in Montréal for date nights

Blair Dohey

Blair Dohey is a Canadian writer and blogger who relentlessly tracks down the coolest things to do and see in Montréal and loves discovering amazing restaurants and bars in the city. When he’s not writing about his travels through Montréal, you’ll probably find him sitting at a bar, chatting with friends and laughing at his own jokes.

This article was updated on November 2nd, 2022.

Candle-lit coves, long and intimate evenings out, skilled bartenders to keep the conversation going with great wine and cocktail recommendations—it’s all that and more with these romantic bars in Montreal. Each of the following spots are solid bets when you’re looking for date night ideas, and there’s just as much chemistry to be had with the atmosphere they provide as there will be in the drinks. Here’s to a night out of making memories, whether it’s for your first time together or a chance to (re)kindle some passion.

Big in Japan

4175 Saint-Laurent Blvd. | Website

One of the city’s (almost) best kept secrets, Big in Japan remains one of the Plateau’s swankiest bars. With tuxedoed staff, luxurious curtained off walls and a dimly lit wrap-around bar, this is a great place to bring a first date if you’re looking to impress. If you think you’re hitting off, make it your own regular haunt by buying up one of its whisky bottles, hung from the ceiling, to comes back to again and again over the next year of nights out together.


Bootlegger, L'Authentique

3481 Saint-Laurent Blvd. | Website

Sometimes all you need for an engertic date night is the flash and celebratory reputation of the 1920’s—and Bootlegger excels at just that. Their drinks menu is exceedingly long, which means it can suit just about any need and mood you and your date may have, and the music programming here is sure to get you both up and dancing.

Bar George

1440 Drummond Street | Website

With this swank and refined atmosphere this mansion provides, it’s a perfect spot for when you want to have a classier evening out. Go on, get dressed up and dive into its bar section’s seductive selection of libations and service: Cocktails both creative and classic, long and varied wine lists, and exceedingly skilled bartenders will add just the right amount of secret sauce a date night needs.


Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill

1254 Mackay Street | Website
Romance isn’t always about grabbing drinks and chatting. Sometimes you need a bit of culture in the mix, and the jazz performances at Upstairs will provide. With a regular roster of musicians both local and international, you and your date can lean back and soak up some soulful music, an experience that you can connect over and maybe even discuss if you’re both more musically inclined.

Name's on the way

500 Rachel Street East | Website

This Plateau bar and restaurant is exceedingly welcoming when it comes to nightlife, and that means it makes for a great atmosphere if you and your date like an environment where the energy levels are high. Share a bottle of wine or order up some cocktails and consider diving into their regularly updated menu, and if you stay long enough, you’ll no doubt be joining their impromptu dance floor as the hours melt away.


Buvette Pastek

209 Saint-Paul Street West | Website

With its long and carefully curated list of wines alongside a plush and softly toned interior, Buvette Pastek is where you want to go when you want to sink into a banquette-couch hybrid and connect. Don’t jump to another spot if you get hungry either, as the kitchen here excels at lots of sharing plates you can feed one another. From late daylight to twilight, this bar is good for any time of day.


Bar Minéral

1641 Atateken Street | Website

Not all date nights need to be quiet and private. Sometimes you need a livelier place to have a good time during a night out, and this Village bar with natural and organic wine imports and upbeat DJ sets is among the better options for that vibe. It has a wonderful design to it as well, where the look and feel of the place shifts with the time of day, making for a varied and active time out on the town.



3424 du Parc Avenue | Website

If you and your date love a great glass of wine, then look no further than this downtown leader of the pack in wine bar options in Montréal. Even better if you need to decant a bottle and enjoy an evening where your conversation develops alongside the flavour of your selection. With its interior’s unique seating, there are all kinds of nooks and crannies you and your date can slide into and get close.


Projet Pilote

980 Rachel Street East | Website
With one of Montréal’s more unique drink program the combines the work of a sommelier, distillery expert, master brewer and chef working together in unison to craft a circular menu, there’s tons to explore here if you and your date and the types to love to drink and eat. You can both depends on the menus being  full of conversation starters, but the atmosphere is equally enchanting, full of spots to split drinks over.



1272 Sainte-Catherine Street East | Website

A great place for a cleverly crafted cocktail (or two) and a snack to go with it, Renard is one of the Gay Village’s destination bars. The vibe varies depending on the night, from 5 à 7s to more lively experiences later at night when the place is likely to be packed, but there are always a few quiet corners where dates work magically.

Cloakroom Bar

2175 Rue de la Montagne | Website

Behind a wooden wall in a men’s clothing store and barber shop you’ll find Cloakroom, a beautiful bar where the cocktails are as impressive as the dark decor. This bar is just as great to make a first impression as it is a place to go when the date is going so well that you don’t want it to end.


Le Royal

1232 Mont-Royal Avenue East | Website

Built within the warmth of stone walls, Le Royal on Mont-Royal Avenue is a classy underground bar that’s perfect for cozying up with that special someone. The wine list is particularly outstanding, pulling from the sommelier from Le Rouge Gorge upstairs to offer something for every taste, while the cocktails are highly lauded on the national stage.


Pub Saint-Pierre

410 Rue Saint-Pierre | Website

Sometimes only a pub will do: Pub Saint Pierre is a beautiful spot in Old Montréal for a laid-back night out on the town, whether you’ve been with your partner for 10 minutes or 10 years. The friendly staff, warm decor, excellent drinks and well-above-average pub grub make for a wonderful night out. A romantic walk through the storied streets just beyond its front doors is always a nice touch for a date.



4328 Saint-Laurent Blvd. | Website

The dangling plants and colourful lights of Darling on Saint-Laurent Boulevard offer something truly unique when it comes to a bar. The relaxed, bohemian vibe creates an atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else on the Main, making a date at the bar a very memorable night out, and it’s just as good for a drink as it is for a few bites to start a night out with.

Le 4e mur

2021 Saint-Denis Street | Website

Romance is sometimes best when there's fun in the mix with shared experiences to remember, and few bars in Montréal excel at combining activities with drinks out on the town like this speakeasy-detective agency hybrid. Enjoy discreetly ducking into this hideaway from off the street and finding a quiet corner to order one of over a dozen specialty cocktails , each with their own clues to help solve an unfolding mystery. If the ambiance and mixology expertise doesn't completely satisfy, the intrigue—and the occasional jazz and burlesque performances—will likely seal the deal.  

Blair Dohey

Blair Dohey is a Canadian writer and blogger who relentlessly tracks down the coolest things to do and see in Montréal and loves discovering amazing restaurants and bars in the city. When he’s not writing about his travels through Montréal, you’ll probably find him sitting at a bar, chatting with friends and laughing at his own jokes.

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