Where to enjoy natural wines in Montréal

For the past few years, the term “natural wine” has carved itself a larger spot in our daily vernacular as well as on restaurants’ menus. The natural wine phenomenon is nothing new but its “rebirth” and its newfound popularity is. This latest buzzword designates wines that have been grown and processed with minimal intervention and no added chemicals. Instead of trying to control nature, natural wine producers embrace and work with it. This produces wines that are a true representation of their unique terroir.

The natural wave hit Montréal a few years ago and the city has since become one of the best in the world to enjoy these funky wines. Several restaurants in town boast a great carte de vins natures that are fun to explore.

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Pastaga and Cul Sec

Pastaga is one of the first restaurants in Montréal to popularize natural wines since it’s opening in 2011. The opening of its sister restaurant and wine shop Cul Sec located around the corner, has consolidated the natural wine love affair these two spots have going. – 6389 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Vin Papillon

Vin Papillon’s sommelière Vanya Filipovic’s passion for great wines and fantastic winemakers is evident in the care and research that goes in the creation of the restaurant’s outstanding wine menu. – 2519 Notre-Dame Street West


Pullman and Moleskine

As one of the best wine bars in Montreal, Pullman knows its way around natural wines and has transferred that passion to its new sister restaurant and pizzeria, Moleskine. – 3424 du Parc avenue



FoodLab’s sommelière Maude Rochette is more interested in the stories behind the wines when compiling her list comprised of small winemakers who are respectful of their terroir. – 1201 Saint-Laurent Boulevard


Lawrence’s reputation as one of the best restaurants in Montreal has been set in stone for the past few years. The Mile End restaurant also boasts a great wine list with many natural wine option to pair with its nose to tail market cuisine. – 5201 Saint-Laurent Boulevard


Restaurant Manitoba

Restaurant Manitoba’s slogan claims “a taste of nature in our glasses” which is reflected in their carefully curated natural wine menu that beautifully pairs with their nature-inspired menu and “taste of the forest in our plates”. – 271 Saint-Zotique Street West 


Accords le Bistro

Located in the heart of Quartier des spectacles, Accords le Bistro is open from noon until late at night and serves a contemporary cuisine and an extensive natural wine menu. It’s the perfect stop for lunch, dinner or a glass of wine before or after a show. – 22 Sainte-Catherine Street East


There are many other Montréal restaurants with great selections of natural wines on their menus including CandideChez Victoire and Les cavistes.

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