Top Montréal restaurants for the gourmet traveller

Mayssam Samaha

Some people eat to live and some live to eat. This list is for the latter: those who are driven by the decadent pleasure of discovering new gourmand destinations and enjoying delectable gastronomic experiences.

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Restaurant Toqué! 

For fine dining par excellenceRestaurant Toqué! Chef Normand Laprise’s cuisine – the very one that started the Montréal food revolution – will leave you speechless and wanting more.



For a European feel: Europea. A fine Relais & Châteaux dining experience to be enjoyed in the heart of Montréal’s downtown core.


Chez L'Épicier

For a bit of romance: Chez L’Épicier. A fine dining establishment with a touch of whimsy, the charming Chez L’Épicier is located inside a beautiful old stone building in Old Montréal. The chocolate club sandwich for dessert is a must.



For those who want to see and be seen: PastagaStar chef Martin Juneau’s food draws admiring crowds in and the casual yet dazzling food keeps them coming back for more.


Patrice Pâtissier

For the sweet tooth: Patrice Pâtissier. Here, you can end a great and delicate dinner with one of Patrice Demers’ scrumptious desserts.


La Chronique

For the foie gras enthusiasts: La Chronique. This is where you go for the best foie gras in Montréal, and keep returning for the flawless French-inspired menu.


Restaurant Les 400 coups

For the star treatment: Restaurant Les 400 coups. Local ingredients shine in an ambiance worthy of an old Hollywood movie set.


Maison Boulud

For a Michelin-star experience: Maison Boulud. Chef Daniel Boulud’s extensive expertise shines through his chef de cuisine Riccardo Bertolino, and the exquisite service that reigns within the sumptuous dining room.

Joe Beef

For the quintessential Montreal night out: Joe Beef. You’ll be treated to the best Montréal has to offer, paired with a great glass of wine.


Le Filet

For the fish and seafood aficionados: Le Filet. The delicate ocean-based dishes have become the toast of the town. And speaking of toasts, do try the one with sea urchin and seaweed butter.


Restaurant Le St Urbain

For those willing to travel for food: Restaurant Le St Urbain. One of the city’s best tables, it’s located a tad out of the way, but is very much worth the trip. You’ll enjoy the elegant food and excellent wine list.


Le Serpent

For the design lovers: Le Serpent. The industrial chic restaurant design will wow you just as much as the Italian-inspired menu.


Estatorio Milos

For those in search of exotic flavours: Estiatorio Milos. You’ll savour the vast array of delicate Mediterranean dishes, fresh seafood and scrumptious desserts in a décor reminiscent of a Greek holiday.

Bouillon Bilk

For those who want to feel like a local: Bouillon Bilk. This restaurant is so inconspicuous, that it’s easy to miss, but it would be such a shame because the cuisine here is sophisticated yet unpretentious, set against a minimal décor that lets the dishes shine.

Mayssam Samaha

Mayssam Samaha, blogger

Mayssam Samaha is a food and travel writer and blogger. She travels the world in search of the next culinary discovery. From Iceland to South Africa, she’s already visited over 30 countries and there’s nothing she enjoys more than wandering around a farmers’ market in a foreign city.

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