Where to shop for foodies in Montréal

  • La Finca cafe & local market
  • La Finca cafe & local market
JP Karwacki

JP Karwacki

This article was updated on November 17, 2023.

If you’ve ever taken a bite out of Montréal’s restaurants and thought about how wonderful it would be to bottle up that experience and take it home, it’s possible. In the city there exists a wealth of shops where foodies need to shop to get a taste of Montréal—everything but the kitchen sink. From speciality shops and markets bursting with fresh produce and products to carefully curated boutiques, these are the places you want to go when dining out just won’t be enough.

Atwater Market - Place du marché

Exploring the fine food shops

These gourmet meccas are where you’ll find exotic jams, syrups, maple butter, honey, homemade ketchup, vinegars, crackers, condiments, sauces, spices, marinades and more—only the very best quality, of course. One of our favourites is Épicerie Conserva in La Petit-Patrie, which applies the fine dining pedigree of its owners to a casual grocery store. We’ve also got a weakness for the scrumptious selection of artisanal products—most of which are made in Montréal—at Kim Phat, which brings together one of the city’s greatest selections of Asian goods alongside a Hong Kong-style bakery and barbecue along with a live fish counter and herbs you simply can’t find elsewhere. For more nationally specific options, try the Korean goods of Marché Oriental Jang Teu for Korean food or Miyamoto Foods for an incomparable selection of Japanese ingredients. Inside the Atwater market, go to Les Douceurs du Marché and to Le Vrac du Marché to find products from all over the world.

Meanwhile, you can take your tummy on a trip to France at Gourmet Laurier or La Vieille Europe, or head instead to Italy by stopping in at Milano or The Italian Pantry. Discerning palates will be pleased by Les 5 saisons as well. Finally, if microbrews are more up your alley, make your way to La Maison des bières, Beau Dégât, Bière Froide Cold Beer, Boutique Cheers or Maltéhops, all of which are beer-centric boutiques with hundreds of products (sometimes including Quebec wines you won’t find at the SAQ) that have been carefully categorized for your convenience.

Available for sale online and in select boutiques, la Pimenterie supplies original tasty hot sauces to restaurateurs and the public at large, having created their own unique spicy condiments plus an array of other products. Each one of their sauces is meticulously concocted with balanced flavours that allow the spiciness to shine, creating exciting food pairings. Using only the finest ingredients, the company maintains that the quality of the products they deliver to all clients meet their high standards. 


Le petit Dep Saint-Sulpice


Looking for a place where you can grab a coffee, a bite to eat and some edible souvenirs? You’re in luck, because there are a number of good options in town. There’s Fou d’ici in Quartier des spectacles, Le Marché Italien Richmond in Griffintown, Olives et café noir in La Petite-Patrie, La Boutique Arhoma in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, and the oh-so-delicious Boulangerie Le Toledo found in spots around the city. Over in Old Montréal, there’s Le petit Dep and Marché des Éclusiers, a bar and restaurant with an in-house shop and weekend farmer’s market. Next door to the Olive et Gourmando restaurant is their boutique, where you'll find ingredients and kitchen utensils. Maison Fayard is another option to get French butchery, charcuterie and delicatessen products. If you’ve got a green streak, you can stock up on fair-trade and organic items at Bio Terre and the zero-waste Loco. In Villeray, Le Comptoir Sainte-Cécile is a neighbourhood restaurant, grocery shop and wine shop all in one, perfect for those who are feeling hungry and want to shop their gourmet gifts.



Spade & Palacio Tours

This little piggy went to market

To truly immerse yourself in Québec food culture, there’s no better place than the city’s public markets. This is often where the best finds are hiding, as they’ll be where the city’s chefs, bakers and other industry leaders congregate to get their hands on best and freshest products. Check out La Finca, a cafe and local market located in Downtown Montréal, where you can buy some fine, local products.



Ernestine - Les Chocolats

Succumb to the sweets

If you’ve got a sweet tooth (or two!), you’ll find heaven in what’s offered by Mlles Gâteaux. They’re offering assortments of products like salted caramel spread, blueberry and juniper berry jam, maple granola, hot chocolate mix, and Mlles’ signature herbal teas. There’s no resisting the gorgeous gift boxes of macarons at Point G, handmade chocolates from Ernestine, Les Chocolats de Chloé, or Lecavalier Petrone. There’s also the artisanal cookies at Boulangerie de Froment et de Sève. And if you want to wash down your desserts with some tea, we recommend Camellia Sinensis.



Boucherie Lawrence

Did someone say speciality shops?

Butcher shops and cheese shops often sell outstanding products ready to take home in attractive and convenient packaging. We love the selection at Bleu & PersilléLa Baia dei Formaggi, Yannick Fromagerie Beaubien La Boucherie LawrenceBoucherie Grinder, Maître Boucher, Boucherie Édouard et Léo and Ils en fument du bon.

Mange-tout offers a little bit of everything (no pun intended): it has a fish market supplied by Oysterblood, a butcher shop specializing in dry-aged beef, and fine products.


Ateliers & Saveurs - Time Out Market

Classes and guided tours

While you’re in town, why not treat yourself to a hands-on epicurean experience?

Ateliers et Saveurs is a cooking school that offers really fun classes, while thematic tours are offered by the aptly named Local Food Tours, as well as Montréal Food ToursFitz Montréal Bike ToursSpade & Palacio and Round Table Tours. This is a great way to discover some of the city’s best-kept food secrets.


Sometimes great food is best paired with the comfort of your sofa. On days like that, you can always get your shopping done on the Signé Local website. Montréal residents also have a wide range of food subscriptions available, such as the fresh produce baskets from Lufa Farms or cooking kits from Cook It and Goodfood.


JP Karwacki

JP Karwacki

JP Karwacki is a Montréal-based writer and journalist whose work has appeared in Time Magazine, the Montreal Gazette, National Post, Time Out, NUVO Magazine, and more. Having called the city home for over a decade and a half, he regularly focuses on spreading the good word about the amazing things to eat, drink and do in Montréal. One half raconteur and the other flâneur (with just a dash of boulevardier), when he wasn’t working on the frontlines of the city's restaurants and bars, he spent his time thinking about, reading about and writing about restaurants and bars.


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