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There’s no better way to explore a city than with a local to show you around. That’s what you get with Spade & Palacio tours, offering fun, off-the-beaten-path excursions to show you “real” Montréal.

Laid-back, informal and informative is how Spade & Palacio tours roll. For small groups of 10 or less, Spade & Palacio offers visits of Montréal’s lesser-known neighbourhoods with a focus on authentic local experiences and the city’s entrepreneurs. Walk or bike around town, taking in the architecture, street art, local eateries and watering holes, markets and more. 

Get the low down on Montréal’s best-kept secrets from hometown, licensed guides who know the city inside and out. No scripts here – filled with zany stories and interesting facts, all tours are off the cuff and off the hook! By the end, you’ll feel like you’ve lived here all your life!

Have an upcoming event or want to treat your employees to a diverting day away from the office? Spade & Palacio offers custom private and corporate tours with a fresh perspective of Montréal.

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