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Jason Lee

Jason Lee

This article was updated on June 30, 2021.

Montréal’s Caribbean food scene is a celebration of nations and their cuisine. Caribbean dining options have blossomed over the years. From Jamaican to Cuban to Haitian to West Indian, Montréal has established a solid roster of restaurants to get a taste of authentic tropical island fare.

Jerk is a good thing

Jamaican cuisine is by far one of the most popular island cuisines with influences from West Africa and Southeast Asia. Check out these hot spots for your curry and callaloo fixes.

Boom Js

Boom Js is a local favourite. If you can’t find the place, follow your nose, or look out for the plume of jerk chicken smoke coming off the curbside oil-drum grill manned by chef/owner Jermaine. Oxtail stew and fried chicken are not to be missed at Boom Js.

Seasoned Dreams

Seasoned Dreams, which started as a local food festival stand, became a brick and mortar establishment putting Montréal’s famous ox tail mac and cheese and jerk chicken poutine on the map. If that’s not enough to tempt you, stop by on Wednesdays for $1 Caribbean wing night!

Mango Bay

Located in the heart of the Shaughnessy Village, Mango Bay is a popular spot for Jamaican food by local university students. Let the island-style inspired decor enchant you as you chow down on classics like jerk chicken, ox tail stew and curry goat. Make sure you don’t’ miss its signature Mango Chicken.

6 Green Banana

Nestled in the McGill Ghetto, it’s easy to see why this tiny Jamaican food outpost is popular with students. With authentic meals under $20 all “done the way mama did it”, all the classics are on the menu, including vegetarian options as well.


Crazy for Creole

Haitian cuisine is famous for its use of bold and spicy flavours. With African, French, Spanish as well as Arab influences, here are some places not to be missed.

Marché Méli-Mélo Caraibe

Part grocery store, part snack bar, Marché Méli Mélo is a favourite amongst the local Haitian community.  It may look unassuming, but follow your nose to the back of the store, where you’ll discover Antilles and Haitian specialties like griot and conch.


Caribbean celebration

Discover these local favourites for a taste of the various nations and delicious cuisines that make up the Caribbean.


Born and raised in Jacmel, Haiti, Chef Paul Toussaint introduces to Montréal a meticulous melange of colourful Caribbean creations that interweave with Québec’s fine-dining tradition of French cuisine at Kamúy. Located in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles, enjoy a taste of the Caribbean with a view.

Caribbean Curry House

This renowned Caribbean classic has been slinging its famous roti and stew plates for over 35 years! Goat, mutton or chicken, find an excuse to order them all at Caribbean Curry House. Whatever you order, don’t forget to ask for a glass of sorrel juice: a meal is not complete without it.

Boulangerie Spicee

This Caribbean and West Indian street food gem has been a favourite of locals for 40 years! Your go-to spot for spicy Jamaican beef patties, or fluffy and messy Trinidadian “chana doubles” – chickpea curry sandwiched between two fry-breads. A bag or two of its coconut cookies are a must.

Jardin du Cari

This West-Indian outpost located on The Main specializes in Guyanese cuisine.  Exemplifying what Caribbean cuisine is all about – the melding of cultures and subsequent cuisines, one of the only places in town to chow down on a goat chow mein

Cuisine Caraibe Delite

If you’re in the Mile End and bagels and smoked meat aren’t your thing, check out Cuisine Caraibe Delite. This spot also specializes in Guyanese cuisine.  While there are various curries and rotis on the menu, don’t miss the gillbaka roti and homemade peanut punch.

La Habanera

One of the only restaurants serving traditional Cuba specialties, La Habanera’s menu features tostones and a solid “mojo” pork Cubanos. La Habanera’s rum-heavy cocktail list is equally as delicious.

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