Island flavours in Montréal: Caribbean restaurants to try

Montréal’s Caribbean food scene has been modest for years. With several go-to spots around town, getting a taste of island cuisine used to be limited to only a handful of restaurants. Luckily for us, the options for Caribbean dining have blossomed over the years. From Jamaican to Cuban to Haitian, Montréal has established a solid roster of restaurants to get a taste of tropical island fare.

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Anancy Restaurant

What started as a modest restaurant in Montréal-West has now become a two-location operation. Be sure to order Anancy Restaurant signature ackee and saltfish (Jamaica’s national dish.) – Multiple locations

Caribbean Curry House

This renowned Caribbean classic has been slinging their famous roti and stew plates for over 35 years! Goat, mutton or chicken, find an excuse to order them all at Caribbean Curry House. – 6892 Victoria Avenue

Boulangerie Spicee

This Caribbean street food gem has been a favourite of locals for 40 years! Your go-to spot for spicy Jamaican beef patties, or fluffy and messy Trinidadian “chana doubles” – chickpea curry sandwiched between two fry-breads. – 6889 Victoria Avenue



A partnership between Montréal’s renown rock band Arcade Fire and Toronto’s eatery, The Black Hoof, Agrikol is a Haitian rum cocktail bar and restaurant. Plates and “snaks” with the likes of, fried plantains, conch ceviche and “accras” (Haitian fritters) await you. – 1844 Atateken Street

Jardin du Cari

This West-Indian outpost located on The Main specializes in Guyanese cuisine.  Exemplifying what Caribbean cuisine is all about – the melding of cultures and subsequent cuisines, one of the only places in town to chow down on a goat chow mein. – 5554 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Seasoned Dreams

Seasoned Dreams, a veteran on the local food festival circuit, Chef Jae-Anthony is responsible for putting jerk chicken poutine on the Quebec culinary map. – 5205 Angers Street


Local Jerk

This new comer is satiating the Caribbean craving in the plateau. Specializing in jerk and roti, Local Jerk also offer vegetarian options as well – jerk seitan, jackfruit and chana roti to discover. – 8 Duluth Street East

Cuisine Caraibe Delite

Another joint specializing in Guyanese cuisine, definitely check out the gillbaka roti and homemade peanut punch at Cuisine Caraibe Delite. – 4816 Parc Avenue

Mango Bay

The island-style inspired decor is only a part of the dining experience at Mango Bay. Serving classic cuisine of the islands like jerk chicken, ox tail stew and curry goat. – 1263 MacKay Street

Boom Js

If you can’t find the place, follow your nose, or look out for the plume of jerk chicken smoke coming off the curbside oil-drum grill. Oxtail stew and fried chicken is not to be missed at Boom Js. – 2026 Wellington Street


La Habanera

Serving traditional Cuba specialties like tostones and a solid “mojo” pork Cubanos, La Habanera’s rum-heavy cocktail list is equally as delicious. – 1216 Union Avenue

Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise, NDG Caribbean oasis serves traditional dishes but is also doing things a bit different with their jerk burger as well as offering roti in regular and “JUMBO” sizes. – 5208 Décarie Boulevard

Marché Méli Mélo

Part grocery store, part snack bar, Marché Méli Mélo is a favourite amongst the local Haitian community.  Serving Antilles and Haitian specialties like griot and conch. – 640 Jarry Street East

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