Great places to eat with kids in Montréal

Laure Juilliard

Laure Juilliard has been writing for over 10 years. She specializes in lifestyle, tourism, travel and food, she writes for the media as well as for different companies, agencies, freelancers or associations. Always in search of innovative concepts and top places to be at, she is also constantly preparing her next trip.

This article was updated on March 29, 2023.

Travelling to Montréal with your kids but still want to experience the city's unique culinary delights? From breakfasts to baked goods, sandwiches, ice creams, brunches, pizzas and multicourse tasting menus, the city is packed with good restaurants, cafes and other family-friendly establishments. We’ve compiled our selection, by age group and neighbourhood. Bon appétit!

For 0-3 year olds

The younger the child, the more equipment you need to lug around. These spots have exactly what parents are looking for: space for a stroller, room for the little one to move around, a bathroom equipped with a changing table, highchairs or boosters, and toys suitable for little ones. Here are some family friendly places little kids will love.

Café Sfouf – Village
1250 Ontario Street East |
This adorable Lebanese café has welcomed young children ever since it opened in a small, convenient space for families with a few games and toys to try out. The sandwiches on the menu are a surefire hit with the kiddies and will awaken their taste buds.

Les Malins – Plateau Mont-Royal
2180, Avenue du Mont-Royal East |
Parents can chill on the main floor with a latte by the fireplace, while the children play in a well-equipped basement complete with a slide, colouring pages, books, climbing ropes and many other amusements. Pure joy, right?

Café les Oubliettes – Petite Patrie
6201, de Saint-Vallier Street|
What we love here is the café’s spacious and sunny location and fun family vibes there on weekends. A small table is set up with some games just for the little ones. It is not uncommon to see mothers with their strollers meeting up for a chat and a hot beverage.

Café des Habitudes – Petite Patrie
1104, Saint-Zotique Street East Montréal |
This zero-waste, family-friendly, vegan café, beloved by locals, regularly welcomes kids of all ages. The atmosphere is friendly and warm.

Bouge Petit – Petite Patrie
6546, Papineau Avenue |
Once kiddos get the hang of walking, they quickly become unstoppable! Their curiosity is unsurpassed and they want to explore everything, everywhere. This space that is absolutely dedicated to them will become your refuge, especially during the winter months. Safe and literally packed with games, it's such a fun place for young children who need to move and explore.

Patati Patata (Jean-Talon Market) – Petite Patrie
170, Jean-Talon Street East | Website

For a good family brunch, this restaurant serves breakfast, mini-sized burgers and hearty lunches, in addition to being equipped with a space dedicated to children, with games and pint-sized furniture. Bring your colouring books and other small games to keep them busy, then stroll around the market to walk off the meal.

Shack Attakk – Petite – Patrie
2500 Beaubien Street East |
This very large restaurant, located in front of Molson Park, lends small baskets of markers to colour on the paper placemats and provides high chairs. Even if there is no children's menu, fruit is served while you wait and, if requested, the service prioritizes kids so that they can eat as quickly as possible.


For 3-7 year olds

Maggie Oakes – Old Montréal
426, Place Jacques-Cartier |
If you're visiting Old Montréal, stop for lunch at the sublime Maggie Oakes restaurant, which smartly offers a menu for kids 12 and under.

Rosélys – Downtown
900, René-Lévesque Boulevard West |
Located in the prestigious Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth hotel, Rosélys offers a refined bistro menu in a sophisticated decor with art deco accents. Good to know, if you are staying at the hotel, children aged 5 and under eat for free (children's menu and buffet breakfast).

Universel Déjeuners et Grillades  – Downtown
359, Sainte-Catherine Street West | 2055, Peel Street |
This family-friendly downtown restaurant offers menus for children under 12 for 7 to $10. Get it while it's hot! Two great locations to take your mini on weekends, after a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts for example, or a show at the Place des Arts.

Billy J’ai Faim – Plateau Mont-Royal
4269, Saint-Denis Street | Website
A newcomer to the Plateau, Chef Billy excels at creating healthy and delicious seasonal dishes. The lunch menu on weekdays and brunch on Saturdays is suitable for children and Billy is sure offer very resonably priced specials. A great deal!

La Banquise – Plateau Mont-Royal
994, Rachel Street East | Website
This poutine institution in Montréal, located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, offers several small dishes for children starting at $7.50. A walk to the adjacent La Fontaine Park is a good idea, once you've chowed down on your poutine.

Stella Pizzeria – Petite-Patrie and Plateau Mont-Royal
1100 Bélanger Street | 1327 Laurier Avenue East |
This excellent pizzeria, with two Montréal locations, has four small dishes suitable for children for $10. Pizza or macaroni, the little ones will be delighted to have dishes for little tummies.

 Burger de ville – Mile End
5282, Saint-Laurent Boulevard |
This Mile End classic, known for its juicy burgers, offers a meal for children aged 10 and under at $8.50 consisting of a small hamburger or grilled cheese sandwich, fries and a drink.

Fabergé – Mile End
25, Fairmount Avenue West | Website
This very popular restaurant specializing in brunches, which adults and children love, projects retro cartoons to pass the time while waiting for your meal and have placemats to colour on. It's also a good starting point for a stroll through the Mile End, to burn off some of that food.

Mamie – Petite-Patrie
328 Beaubien Street East |
This gem on rue Beaubien, has generous charcuterie and cheese boards from 4pm on, recently started serving brunch on Saturdays. A hit for the whole family. There are nice tables with boosters for your kiddo. Unbeatable value-for-money!

Régine – Petite – Patrie
1840, Beaubien Street East | Website
Janine – Verdun
3900 Wellington Street |
Two Montréal brunch hotspots where everyone's patience will be rewarded (yes, there will be a line) with the excellent dishes of “Aunt” Régine and “the irresistible” Janine. A 10 dollar “p'tits guidous” menu offers several gourmet options for children.


For 7 year olds and over

At seven years old, the famous "age of reason", they're ready to discover "grownup" restaurants. Of course, some children develop a great culinary curiosity earlier and this list of addresses may very well apply to younger children. Your teens will also love these trendy or, on the contrary, very traditional restaurants and cafes.

Olive and Gourmando – Old Montréal
351, Saint-Paul Street West | Website
This popular Old Montréal restaurant, open only during the day, is known for its laid-back vibe and decadent sandwiches. To be enjoyed on the quays of the Old Port!

Brit & Chips – Old Montréal
433, McGill Street |
Opt for delicious fish and chips, enhanced with Québec flavours. Mmmmm!

Europea – Downtown
1065, de la Montagne Street|
High gastronomy for kids? This is quite possible thanks to Jérôme Ferrer, who introduces children aged 10 and under to a six-course “discovery” menu for $60. A chef's idea to celebrate a special occasion!

Time Out Market – Downtown
705, Sainte-Catherine Street West | Website

Located at the Eaton Centre, this is the perfect stop after a good shopping session. Choose from 16 culinary concepts and feast sitting at large shared tables.

The Keg – Downtown and Old Montréal
5, Place Ville Marie | 25, Saint-Paul Street East |
Mini Keg burger, sirloin, chicken strips or mac and cheese are featured on the children's menu of this famous, well established steakhouse.

Café sat – Quartier des spectacles
6, Place du Marché | Website

Here, you can enjoy the snacks and drinks prepared by the team of the delicious restaurant Labo culinaire, located in the SAT, prepared with local products. During the summer, the whole family can sit on the terrace.

Le Central – Quartier des Spectacles
30, Sainte-Catherine Street West | Website

Big names of the Montréal food scene and excellent small emerging restaurateurs rub shoulders in this beautiful space bringing together 25 gourmet stands. An abundance of choice!

Schwartz's – Plateau Mont - Royal
3895, Saint-Laurent Boulevard | Website
One of the best and most famous spots in town for smoked meat, to discover on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. If you go during peak periods, consider grabbing something from the takeout counter next door to avoid waiting.

La Binerie – Plateau Mont-Royal
4167, Saint-Denis Street | Website
Located on the Plateau, this small, unpretentious address has been serving traditional Québec cuisine since 1938: breakfast, shepherds pie, homemade pâté, and the unmissable tourtière.

L’Express – Plateau Mont - Royal
3927, Saint-Denis Street |
Very accommodating, the Express is well known for welcoming children. Small colouring pencils are on loan, and it's a great place to introduce your little ones to succulent and simple French gastronomy.

Beautys Luncheonette – Plateau Mont - Royal
93, Mont-Royal Avenue West | Website
Open since 1942, this mythical place on the Plateau serves lunches and comforting dishes that children love. Simple, delicious and just hits the spot.

Café Chez Téta – Plateau Mont-Royal
227, Rachel Street East | Website

The specialty of this Lebanese coffee is man 'ouché, a typical Lebanese dish that is easy to eat and very tasty. The menu also includes dips, salads and desserts, including a delicious chocolate brownie.

Byblos Le Petit Café – Plateau Mont - Royal
1499, Laurier Avenue East |
Located near Laurier Park, this Persian restaurant offers a range of small typical dishes to share, not to mention the famous feta omelette. There won't be a crumb left!



Ma Poule Mouillé – Plateau Mont-Royal
969, Rachel Street East |
A Portuguese chicken institution in Montréal, located a stone's throw from La Fontaine Park. Enjoy a roast chicken sandwich, a whole chicken to share with fries, salad and rice, and finish with pasteis de nata for dessert. Drool!

La Panthère Verte – Mile End and Plateau Mont-Royal
160, St-Viateur Street East | Website
145, Mont-Royal Avenue East | Website
This restaurant offers one of the best vegan menus in town. Tasty, hearty and very fresh, the small Mediterranean dishes of this small Montréal chain feature organic, local produce and promote maximum zero waste with a Mason jar exchange system and compostable packaging.

Fairmount Bagel Bakery or St-Viateur Bagel – Mile End
74, Fairmount Avenue West | Website
263, Saint-Viateur Street West | Website
Get hot Montréal bagels from these two famous institutions. It's up to you to decide which one is your favourite!

Cardinal Tea Room – Mile End
5326 Saint-Laurent Boulevard | Website

On weekends starting at 11 a.m., in an enchanting Victorian setting, this hidden but well-known teahouse in the Mile End offers lemon squares, cucumber sandwiches, mimosa eggs, macaroons and small scones with cream and jam. Little hands will love digging into it!

Le Elsdale – Petite – Patrie
2381, Beaubien Street East | Website

Open for lunch, dinner, dinner and weekend brunch, Le Elsdale is located a stone's throw from Molson Park and Beaubien Cinema.

La Boulette – Petite-Patrie
2223 Beaubien Street East | Website
Grab a good classic or more creative burger, accompanied by a delicious poutine.

Dinette Triple Crown – Petite-Italie
6700 Clark Street |
In Little Italy, try comfort food from the south, such as macaroni and cheese and Louisiana fried chicken. In summer, you can even ask for a basket to take away and improvise a picnic at the adjacent park, tablecloth included!

Comptoir Sainte-Cécile – Villeray
232, de Castelnau Street East | Website
Close to Jean-Talon Market and Jarry Park, this warm space welcomes small families to its counter with a simple and comforting menu including homemade soups, fresh salads and delicious small sandwiches.

Lundis au soleil – Villeray
801, Jarry Street East | 
In Villeray, this bright and sunny sport offers a beautifully prepared small menu, highlighting Québec products, consisting of sandwiches and dishes to share. Very nice!

Le Petit Alep – Villeray
199, Jean-Talon Street East | Website

This popular little bistro in front of Jean Talon Market serves kebabs and an array of delicious Syrian dishes, including spicy fries that should be a hit with the whole family.

Greenspot – Saint-Henri
3041, Notre-Dame Street West | Website
This famous diner in the Saint-Henri district has been serving typical Québec lunches and a good poutine since 1947, in a retro setting.

Gibeau Orange Julep – The Triangle
7700, Décarie Boulevard | Website
With its giant orange and car service just like back in the day, this place is sure to impress your kids. Be sure to try the orange Julep, the restaurant's signature drink, accompanied by a burger, a poutine, a pogo or a grilled cheese sandwich.


All over Montréal

You will have a guaranteed success with pizza or little tacos, snacks that are affordable and shareable with the bonus of being easy to hold by little hands. The public markets' beautiful common areas are also excellent places to grab a bite thanks to a wide selection of gourmet counters where everyone can find something they like. To help your youngsters discover more exotic flavours, check out our guides to the best Korean, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern and Caribbean restaurants. Montréal is also full of vegan and healthy options to accommodate a little more green on your plate. Kids love maple syrup, so if you're in Montréal during sugar time, here's a list of our favourite places to satisfy that sweet tooth. Of course, cafes where you can drink a steaming cup of hot chocolate, bakeries and ice cream counters, churros, donuts abound all over the city and are always a huge hit with children. You can never go wrong with a plate of mac and cheese. On sunny days, improvise a picnic in Montréal's parks and green spaces. Another option is to try out the restaurants directly located in the parks: greenery and gourmandise guaranteed. 

Enjoy Montréal’s culinary discoveries with the kids!

Laure Juilliard

Laure Juilliard has been writing for over 10 years. She specializes in lifestyle, tourism, travel and food, she writes for the media as well as for different companies, agencies, freelancers or associations. Always in search of innovative concepts and top places to be at, she is also constantly preparing her next trip.

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