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Jason Lee

Mac and cheese is the epitome of comfort food. Perfectly cooked pasta swimming in a gooey cheese sauce that may (or may not) be covered in even more cheese, and then baked. Everything to evoke the warm and fuzzies on the roughest of days.

Leave it to the culinary talent of Montréal’s restaurant scene to put their spin on this humble dish. Montrealers love mac and cheese so much that we have two different festivals celebrating this cheesy creation – Mac N’ Cheese Week and Le Grand Macfest.

Le Grand Macfest’s inaugural event takes place from Tuesday, July 24 to Sunday, July 29, 2018 at the Quai Jacques Cartier in the Old Port. Enjoy variations of this cheesetastic dish made by 15 famous chefs. There will be food trucks on site, as well as local microbreweries featuring some of the province’s best craft beers plus entertainment for everyone. Best part of it all, admission is free!

If you can’t wait, here is where to find some of the city’s best mac and cheese.

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Classic mac – Can’t beat a classic mac and cheese

Dinette Triple Crown

Located in Little Italy, Dinette Triple Crown is renowned for their picnic basket lunches (they will pack your order in a basket for you to enjoy in the park across the street) as well as for being a comfort food oasis. Offering authentic Kentucky fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, Dinette Triple Crown also serves one of the best mac and cheese dishes in the city, bubbling and perfectly baked.


This spot is known for Québécois comfort food – think shepherd’s pies and poutines and pouding chômeur (poor man’s pudding cake). When you specialize in comfort food, it goes without saying that your mac and cheese game has to be on point. You can see how seriously they take their mac and cheese in the ingredients: it’s made with six – SIX – different cheeses (Swiss, Brie, Emmental, Cheddar, cream cheese and mozzarella). Check out “Le Macaroni Cochon,” made with six-cheese sauce topped with hot dog sausages, merguez sausages, braised bacon and caramelized onions.

Le Cheese

This quaint spot in the N.D.G. neighbourhood also slings cheesy creations from their food truck that can be found around the city and at many festivals. Their mac and cheese is sold by the quarter-pound and served with green peas, roasted cauliflower, their signature cheese sauce and caramelized cheese.

L’Gros Luxe

With various locations, these neighbourhood watering holes pride themselves on their creative cocktails and affordable meals. Their menu satiates all palates and appetites. Create your own mac and cheese by adding toppings like bacon, pulled pork, tofu, goat cheese or even a fried egg to their classic mac and cheese base. Vegan option available.

Beautys Luncheonette

Not only is this Plateau favorite a place for weekend brunches, but the classic diner décor is also a place for a solid no-frills classic mac and cheese.

Mac Remix – Over the top mac and cheese

La Belle & la Boeuf

Everything at La Belle & la Boeuf is over the top, from the décor to their dishes – and subsequent names, like the “I LOVE BACON SO WHAT!” burger or the “DEAD SERIOUS” nachos. They are home to some creative mac and cheese dishes as well, like the “MAC’OLOS,” macaroni and cheddar cheese, smoked bacon and Ringolos – yes, the fried potato snack!

Macbar et fromage

If you want mac and cheese but don’t know where to go, what better place to start than at a restaurant that specializes in mac and cheese? Located in the Gay Village, Macbar et fromage is the best destination to test your lactose intolerance. There are thirteen different kinds of mac and cheese dishes to choose from, including the “Monster Mac” – a monstrosity that is 10 inches in diameter, topped with one pound of meat, cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and their special “mac sauce”.

Deville Dinerbar

Deville has a reputation of reinventing and raising the bar on classic diner fare. Do you love mac and cheese? How do you feel about wontons? Check out their fried mac and cheese-stuffed wontons. Then enjoy their “Deep-fried Mac and Cheese Lasagna” – a blend of cheeses, chopped chorizo sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms and tomato sauce wrapped in lasagna pasta, then crusted with panko bread crumbs and deep fried. Get the stretchy pants ready.

Dirty Dogs

Have you ever been in the middle of eating a hot dog or delicious burger and said to yourself, “you know what would be good right now? Mac and cheese!” That’s right, if you’ve ever wanted to top your all dressed frank or burger with a four-cheese mac and cheese with crispy bacon, get the “Mac attack” at Dirty Dogs.

Haute Cheesine – Fine dining meets mac and cheese

Robin Square

This family-run eatery makes you feel at home the moment you step through the door. What makes you feel more at home than a comforting mac and cheese? How about their revamped version that includes black truffle oil, roasted garlic, Hawaiian sea salt flakes, spiced ham, brisket and duck glaze?

Le Bird Bar

Guess what else they serve at this “premiere fried chicken” and champagne restaurant? Mac and cheese! But not just any mac and cheese: a sizzling hot truffle mac and cheese (literally, it’s served right in the cast-iron pan). With the aromatic and unmistakable scent of truffles, your entire experience at Le Bird Bar will be soigné.

Mac and more mac – More mac and cheese than you can handle

Jukebox Burgers

This 1950s retro-themed restaurant located in the West Island boasts freshly ground beef burgers, floats and other diner classics, like mac and cheese – 10 different kinds to be exact. From buffalo chicken and hot sauce to Philly steak and caramelized onions or topped with homemade Italian meatballs, they’ve got a mac and cheese for all tastes.

Burger Royal

Despite having “burger” in their name, Burger Royal’s mac and cheese options are solid. This spot offers “redefined comfort food” – and how else do you redefine mac and cheese but by offering 14 different kinds? Burger Royal uses local Québec cheeses in their homemade béchamel sauce, and you’ll want to check out their “Fleur de lys”, which features cheese curds, bacon, sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions, or the “Black and Blue” that has ground beef and blue cheese.

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