Where to eat tacos in Montréal

Think of the best taco you’ve ever had in your life. Where was it? In Mexico? In California? In your mom’s kitchen? What if I told you that Montréal’s taco scene rivals any city south of the border? Whether authentic tacos, So-Cal fusion or even Tex-Mex, Montréal has a taqueria to satisfy all of your taco cravings.

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Grumman 78

Montréal’s original taco truck’s brick and mortar location brings you creative artisanal tacos. Boasting a menu of fun items that may change on a whim depending on market availabilities and the chef’s discretion, it also features great weekly specials. Get one of their menu mainstays—the “banh mi taco”—pulled pork with hoisin, topped with pickled daikon and carrots. – 630 de Courcelle Street

Taqueria La Matraca

This no-frills taqueria on the Plateau serves up super authentic tacos. Named after a wooden noisemaker, the atmosphere at Taqueria La Matraca is often a boisterous one. Check out their tacos al pastor—trompo (vertical spit) roasted, the marinated pork is shaved and served on a warm toasted corn tortilla, topped with onions, cilantro and pineapple. – 4607 Saint-Denis Street


Icehouse isn’t exactly a taqueria, but it is known for b eing Montréal’s go-to spot for everything Tex-Mex. Fried chicken tacos, fish tacos, or even fried shrimp tacos: load up on tacos that will entice enthusiasts and offend purists. – 51 Roy Street East

El Rey del Taco

Located right in the Jean-Talon Market, “The King of Tacos” is another destination for authentic street food tacos. From chicken, pork and beef to lamb, chorizo and beef tongue, this place has it all. Part specialty grocery store and part restaurant, El Rey del Taco is your one-stop shop for all Mexican food needs. – 232 Jean-Talon Street East


Maïs is the place for tacos and cocktails in the heart of Mile End. The majority of their menu is gluten-free and consists of some awesome vegetarian tacos. Wash them down with a growler of draft beer or a cocktail made from their wide variety of tequilas. – 5439 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

T&T – Tacos and Tortas

T&T - Tacos and Tortas menu consists of Mexican street food classics, tacos and tortas (sandwiches). Of its fresh corn tortillas made to order, don’t miss the bistec tacos— thinly grilled slices of flank steak, sautéed onions and grilled cactus, topped with a slice of fried potato and garnished with cilantro and lime wedges. – 51 Rachel Street West

La Capital Tacos

La Capital serves authentic Mexican tacos in the heart of Chinatown. Their location may be deceiving as their menu does not consist of fusion items. Choose from six different tacos that include the classic carnitas, al pastor, shrimp as well as a “taco del dia” (a taco of the day special). – 1096 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Tacos Frida

This family-run neighbourhood corner store is popular spot for tacos as well as Mexican groceries and specialty grocery items. Choose from pulled chicken, beef, pork and vegetarian tacos and wash them down with one of their homemade horchata. – 4350 Notre-Dame Street West

Tacos Victor

This taqueria (located in the Saint-Henri neighbourhood) serves a variety of tacos from flank-steak, chorizo and shrimp to tongue, sirloin and vegetarian. Their fun dishes feature French fries in the taco themselves. Treat yourself to their self-serve salsa counter and test your fiery limits. – 4376 Notre-Dame Street West

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