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Montréal is a city of indulgence. From foie gras poutine and juicy smoked meat sandwiches to decadent ice cream and melt-in-your-mouth pastries, there are so many ways to give in to taste temptations. But if you’ve gone a bit overboard with the fries and gravy lately and you are looking to cleanse your body—and your conscience—with some healthy fare, Montréal’s got you covered with some of the best vegetarian and vegan eats around.

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La Panthère Verte

The “Green Panther” is a homegrown chain of vegetarian and vegan restaurants scattered around the city. Try their famous falafel pita sandwich, which is stuffed with falafel balls, cabbage, carrots, pickles, sauerkraut, sprouts and tahini. Delicious! – Multiple locations

Lola Rosa

Their slogan is “the vegetarian restaurant preferred by non-vegetarians”. That’s a big claim, but it’s not false: their veggie poutine is killer. Try their chili packed with a medley of heart-healthy beans full of fiber and spiced up with chipotle when you want to reenergize and refuel. – Multiple locations



Montreal’s quintessential salad bar, Mandy’s is the go-to spot for locals craving a plate full of greenery. In addition to offering a great roster of signature salads, Mandy’s is popular for personalized salads created from a pick-your-own ingredient list. Choose healthy and good-for-you veggies to fill your bowl and top it with a choice of their yummy house dressings. – Multiple locations

Copper Branch

Copper Branch takes pride in featuring whole foods on their 100% plant-based menu. Get the Aztec bowl—organic rice or quinoa topped with fresh veggies, sprouts, legumes and a choice of soy-based protein. They are proud to provide ingredients that are not only high in nutrition, organic and low in sugar and saturated fats, but ones that are socially responsible and sourced from fair trade producers. – Multiple locations


Once Montréal’s very own raw food restaurant, Crudessence now offers their delicious and wholesome ready-to-eat salad bowls and veggie wraps at over 90 retail outlets! The raw food diet is comprised of uncooked, unprocessed foods. Crudessence’s menu is packed full of nourishing items that showcase each ingredient at its peak for a superior dining experience.  – Multiple locations


This juice bar in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (N.D.G) has locals going gaga for cold-pressed juices.  Rejuice! boasts 100% raw and unpasteurized products using non-processed, non-pasteurized and non-refined ingredients in all their menu items. Stop by for a revitalizing, recharging and refreshing juice or healthy smoothie bowl. - 5211 Sherbrooke Street West

Ashley’s Health Bar

This vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant serves up hearty meals that even carnivores would enjoy. From gourmet sandwiches, vegan burgers and pizzas to a signature chili and detoxing smoothies and desserts, it’s not difficult to find something that will satiate all palates. - 5942 Sherbrooke Street West

Antidote Bouffe Végane

This neighborhood bistro (with liquor license) is a popular spot for vegans in the Hochelaga borough. Their menu features faux meat dishes that run the gamut from the vegan “Montreal Smoked Meat” sandwich to “pulled pork” tacos to “bacon” made with seitan. This spot serves brunch as well. - 3459 Ontario Street East



Think of all your favorite Italian dishes, but with a vegan twist and that’s Vegano, Montreal’s first vegan-Italian restaurant. Order classic Italian dishes like penne with peppers, eggplant and sun-dried tomatoes in rosé sauce or pizza made with dairy-free cheese and “sausage”, then indulge your sweet tooth with tasty cakes and desserts. Their scrumptious menu changes weekly. - 1999 Mont-Royal Avenue East


“Plant-based fare with a conscience” is what’s at the heart of LOV’s menu. From burgers and sandwiches to spaghetti with truffle and caviar, this vegetarian and vegan restaurant serves a little something for everyone. LOV is a socially responsible restaurant that not only works closely with local suppliers to provide the freshest quality products but also sources biodynamic wines and organic beers. - Multiple locations

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