Frozen treats to beat the heat

School’s out and summer’s in. What could be better than lounging on a sunny, hazy day with your favourite frozen treat? Whether you plan on taking in some of Montréal’s summer street festivals or braving the meanest scream machine at La Ronde, no summer would be complete without going for ice cream. Here are some of the city’s coolest spots to grab a cone and beat the summer heat.

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Ca Lem

Located in Notre-Dame-de-Grace (N.D.G), this little ice cream shop offers big flavours. As a local favourite, this shop often has a lineup that stretches out the door. On the menu, you’ll find Asian flavours such as pandan, coconut ash and black sesame, Vietnamese coffee and rosewater-pistachio. Their soft-serve creations change weekly. Get one of everything. – 6926 Sherbrooke Street West


Pandan Cremerie

Montréal’s first South East Asian-style ice cream shop serves signature hand-rolled ice cream native to Malaysia and Thailand. Made to order in front of your eyes on an anti-griddle (a super-chilled metal surface), this ice cream-making technique removes the need for preservatives. Pandan also sources their dairy and fruit from Québec producers. – 3504 rue Notre-Dame Ouest


La Cabane de Danny

This little outpost located in Chinatown serves traditional Chinese egg-puffs (miniature egg-shaped waffles), but with a frozen twist. They wrap these street treats around one or two scoops of ice cream and then top them with – your choice of candies and drizzles. Place your order and you’re all set for an Instagram post to make all your friends jealous. – 52A De la Gauchetière Street West


Kem Coba

This modest ice cream shop is run by the super duo Vincent Beck and Diem Ngoc Phan, who are a classically trained chocolatier and pastry chef, respectively. The husband-and-wife team behind Kem Coba sees lines that stretch the length of a city block and patrons who often wait 20 to 30 minutes to satiate their ice cream cravings. With signature soft-serve flavours that change weekly, like like rosewater, raspberry/lychee and orange/coconut, it’s easy to see why people are willing to wait! – 60 Fairmount Avenue West



Dalla Rose

This Griffintown ice cream oasis is a venture by two former employees of the popular Italian eatery Nora Gray (Dalla Libera and Nick Rosati). They use locally sourced organic dairy products and seasonal ingredients, which is why their flavours change often. Don’t forget to try the ice cream sandwiches. – 4609 Notre-Dame Street West

Gelaterie Pierino

Ice cream isn’t all about funky flavours that tempt the palates of little ones, grown up deserve an icy treat too! Visit Gelaterie Pierino fr their boozy wine infused gelato. – 6737 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Pizzeria Gema

It’s not exactly gelato, but Pizzeria Gema’s walk-up take-out window has people lining up for frozen custard in Little Italy. Have a cup of their deliciously decadent soft-serve topped with sour cherry or crushed Bacci. Or have your cone dipped in dark chocolate ganache. – 6827 Saint-Dominique Street


Créme Glacée Bo-Bec

This classic neighbourhood ice cream shop offers up soft-serve and hard-packed ice cream, homemade sorbets, banana splits, shakes and ice cream sandwiches. – 1300 Laurier Avenue East

Wild Willy's

Wild Willy’s has been wrangling ice cream cravings for over 20 years. A great selection of homemade flavors including, apple pie and even a stout flavoured ice cream, try the “King Kong” bowl with five of your friends (it has 15 scoops of ice cream!), they’ve even got icy treats for our four-legged friends. - Multiple locations



With seasonal hours that start from the moment the mercury rises in April until the first sign of autumn in mid-September, it’s not uncommon to see lineups at The Main’s favourite ice cream parlour. Try the halvah or blackberry chocolate chunk cheesecake ice cream! – 3880 Saint-Laurent Boulevard


Le Glacier Bilboquet

With multiple locations across the island of Montréal, Le Glacier Bilboquet has been a fixture in the ice cream scene for over 35 years. With a promise of using only the highest quality locally sourced ingredients (milk and cream from the Saguenay Region, chocolate from the Montérégie Region and fruit from the Eastern Townships), everything here is made with love. – Multiple locations




Driven by a passion of chocolate, Chocomax’s owner John Chan pursued his chocolate-making dream by studying at Callebault College in Belgium before settling in Montréal and opening Chocomax 26 years ago. Since then, he’s been tantalizing uptown locals with his chocolate treats and signature Belgian chocolate soft-serve and variety of dips. – 835 Décarie Boulevard


La Diperie

What started as a modest shop in the Plateau has expanded to over 20 locations across the city. Their soft-serve comes with a choice of over 40 different kinds of dip, including cookies and cream, salted caramel or classic milk chocolate. You can sprinkle your cone with funky toppings like crushed pretzels and candies—the combinations are endless. – Multiple locations

Chocolat Favoris

What began as an artisanal chocolate shop in Lévis (outside of Québec City) 38 years ago has now become a chain of chocolate stores across Canada. They offer 14 varieties of decadent chocolate fondue dips, including chocolate praline, dark chocolate and dulce de leche for their classic vanilla or strawberry soft-serve. – Multiple locations


Hoche Glacé

A frozen treat oasis for vegans, this shop is one-of-a-kind in Montréal. Offering hard packed and soft-serve frozen desserts, this spot definitely delivers when you’re looking for a dairy-free treat to cool off in the colourful Hochelaga-Maisonneuve area. – 2225 Bennett Avenue

Cremerie Meu Meu

In addition to this ice cream parlour’s menu of luscious crème anglaise-based ice creams, this shop on the Plateau offers flavourful fruity sorbets and ice soy-milk options. – 4458 Saint-Denis Street


Au P’tit Creux du Plateau

If you’re looking for a frozen treat that goes beyond the cone, check out Au P’tit Creux du Plateau. Not only do they offer classic soft-serve ice cream, but they serve it in a very not-so-classic cone made out of a churro. This incredible creation is aptly called the “Papi Churro.” Pick from menu mainstays like vanilla ice cream topped with crushed Oreos drizzled with chocolate, or weekly specials like the recent vanilla soft-serve, bacon bits and maple drizzle. – 233 Pins Avenue East


Cones are so passé. That’s why the folks at Blueboy have hopped on the latest trend with fried confectionary cones (churros) or fruit bowls! Have your watermelon-basil sorbet served in half a hollowed out watermelon. – 150 Mont-Royal Avenue East



Mr. Crémeux

What started out as a food truck by Québec’s popular celebrity chef Martin Juneau, Mr. Crémeux now has an actual storefont in Little Italy. They use locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, and their recent concoction of pistachio soft-serve topped with Québec raspberries, mint syrup and chocolate crumble had people swooning. – 43 Beaubien Street East


Havre aux Glaces

With two locations, one at Jean-Talon Market and one at Atwater Market, the team at Havre aux Glaces changes their ice cream flavours depending on what’s in season and available in the market. Their Jean-Talon Market location stays open all year round. Stop in to explore their 12 flavours of ice cream and 12 flavours of vegan sorbet. – Multiple locations


Xavier Artisan

Located next to the majestic Notre-Dame Basilica in the Old Port of Montréal, Xavier Artisan offers a quaint oasis for a quick bite and frosty treat. Try the tempting Mexican Chocolate ice cream or lemon-basil sorbet. – 503 Place d’Armes


Les Givrés

One of Montréal’s finest artisanal ice cream shops, Les Givrés is open year-round. Everything is made in-house, from their specialty ice creams and sorbets down to their cones. – Multiple locations

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