Montréal doughnuts you must try

The humble doughnut is no longer considered a lowly breakfast confectionary and a food sponge to dip into your coffee. As more and more coffee shops and bakeries add this to their menus, this delicious gluten ring has reached a popularity of gastronomic proportions. Iconic Montréal foods include smoked meat sandwiches, poutines, steamies (steamed hot dogs) bagels and now we can add doughnuts to that list.

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Léché Desserts

Josie Weitzenbauer, founder and head baker at Léché Desserts, is one of Montréal’s premiere doughnut pushers. The shop is located in Saint-Henri, but it’s not uncommon to see people toting her doughnuts in Léché’s signature bright pink boxes around town. With choices like pistachio cream, sweet miso and sesame, double chocolate brownie and my personal favourite, peanut butter and jelly; her doughnut roster reads like a sugar fiend’s blacklist. One cannot visit Montréal without having a Léché Doughnut. – 640 De Courcelle Street


CRémy Pâtisserie

You may recognize the CRémy Mobile at various food truck gatherings or city festivals around the island of Montréal. Luring doughnut fanatics of all ages with their gargantuan doughnut creations, the team at Crémy Pâtisserie recently renovated their retail location to include seating that now facilitates the doughnut-face smashing. Chose from classic flavours or some of CRémy’s signature creations like a beer glazed doughnut. Their lunch counter even offers savoury varieties, such as a burger made with a plain glazed doughnut. Open late from Thursday to Saturday, take advantage of their walk-up take-out window, and grab a decadent snack or one of their savoury treats on the go! – 2202 Du Mont-Royal Avenue East 

La Cornetteria

Little known fact; Montréal is home to the “Cronut’s” more delicious, and handsome Italian cousin, the “Cronetto” – the sinister crossbreed of a croissant and doughnut. La Cornetteria’s take on cronut incorporates their signature cornetto technique of perfuming the dough ever so slightly with essence of citrus, before it’s fried and filled. The flavours of their cronettos change weekly – which you can find on their Facebook page. – 6528 Saint-Laurent Boulevard


Trou de Beigne

An artisanal wholesale doughnut company, Trou de Beigne (translated to “doughnut hole”) can be found at a handful of local cafés and restaurants around the city. They do however take orders and deliver anywhere around the city for only $3! Be on the lookout for their maple glazed doughnut with candied maple pieces, and their S’More – a chocolate doughnut, glazed with Hershey chocolate, covered in graham cracker crumbs and topped with roasted marshmallows! – Various locations

Samos Bakery

Samos Bakery only sells two kinds of doughnuts on the regular, classic cinnamon-sugar, and chocolate glazed and when we’re lucky, maple glazed. Dense, chewy and the size of a small saucepan, these doughnuts are as old school as you can get. Best time to get one of these bad boys are right after lunch time around 1:00pm, that’s when Nick (the owner) put them out fresh. – 201 Beaubien Street East

Pâtisserie Petit Lapin

For those who may have dietary restrictions or allergies but still need to fix your doughnut craving, head over to Pâtisserie Petit Lapin. Offering six different flavours that include, vanilla, chocolate, double chocolate all of the doughnuts are made without the top 10 food allergens, are gluten free and completely vegan! – 342A Victoria Avenue

Jason Lee

Jason Lee, blogger

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