Candy shops for spoiling your inner child in Montréal

The best thing about candy and cookie shops is that everyone leaves happy—and the ones in Montréal will have you squealing with delight! Here are ten magical places to lay your hands on your favourite sweets and sink your teeth into new discoveries.

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Délices Érable & Cie

Let your sweet tooth guide you to this shop featuring treats made from locally grown maple, honey and cranberries. Surprise your taste buds with honey-sriracha popcorn, followed by a calming course of creamy maple-leaf candy. You’ll also find an appetizing array of sticky spreads, jubilant jellies and high-end maple cream cookies. – 84 Saint-Paul Street East

Dinette Nationale

Dinette Nationale offers a refined line of artisanal sweets, like fruit jellies, chewy nougat, suckers, homemade marshmallows and much more. In fact, you can even join their Sweet Savourer’s Society to receive a monthly assortment of treats, including seasonal products. – 1216 Gilford Street


Sucre bleu

Here, the storefront alone will send you back to the sweet days of childhood! Watch it or you’ll find yourself with your face planted against the window, drool trickling out the corner of your mouth. Step inside Sucre bleu to find 500 types of bulk or packaged candies. You won’t know what flavour of Jelly Belly to choose! – 1741 Saint-Denis Street

Sparkles Confections

In addition to bulk candy, Sparkles Confections carries British sweets, decorations for kids parties (and grown-up ones too!), and a personalized candy service. We love the Pinterest-worthy gold mylar balloons and the little cardboard candy boxes that look like Chinese take-out. And of course there are emoji suckers for every occasion! – 5615 Monkland Avenue

Confiserie Mignon

Newly opened at Atwater Market, this candy shop prepares nougat, hard candy and other sweet treats in the purest French tradition, right in front of your eyes. Go have a taste of their sweets, and watch the confectioners working the candy machine. – 138 Atwater Avenue



Make this your first stop for handmade vegan and gluten-free candies flavoured with seasonal ingredients. The personalized designs are always up with the latest trends (like the summer 2016’s Pokémon candy). As the name would suggest, CandyLabs also holds candy-making workshops that are fun for families or work groups looking for something different to do between meetings. Don’t forget to try their sushi candy! – 2305 Guy Street

Dragon Beard Candy

This institution run by Johnny Chin has been selling melt-in-your-mouth sugar candy with a crunchy middle since 1991. While you’re there, quench your thirst with some bubble tea with tapioca pearls. Add this to your Chinatown itinerary. – 52 De la Gauchetière Street

Biscuiterie Oscar

This local cookie shop has been selling cookies, nuts and candies (individual or bagged) for more than 80 years. Its general-store style will take you back in time, though the business has modernized with an online boutique. Two Quebec classics to try: maple cream cookies and chocolate-marshmallow Whippets. – 3755 Ontario Street East


La cure gourmande

Temptation awaits at this French confiserie located in Place Montréal Trust. Chocolates, cookies, nougat, pralines, chocolate “olives”, mendiants, candied orange—oh my! Each irresistible treat is neatly packaged in old-style illustrated boxes. – 1800 McGill College Avenue


Raining out? Head into the Eaton Centre, where you’ll find Squish, home to jellied candies galore. Prepare for the astrological mix, juicy peach brains, and cocktail collection. The shapes and flavours will surprise your senses! Don’t leave without a bag of prosecco candy to share with friends back at the hotel or at home. If you can’t help but notice that the place is reminiscent of DAVIDsTEA, that’s because both companies belong to the same group—and are proud to be from Montréal! – 705 Sainte-Catherine Street West

Eve Martel

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