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This article was updated on April 15, 2024.

Whether you call them “candy bars” or “candy stores”, we can all agree on one thing: these are veritable merchants of happiness and guilty little pleasures. Discover 10 places that are sure to bring back sweet childhood memories.

Le Petit Dep

Le Petit Dep

Le Petit Dep is probably the only convenience store in Québec that’s a dream-come-true for kids and adults alike. Wondering why convenience stores always seemed to be kind of dreary and badly organized, Magda Slezak decided, in 2015, to found “her” convenience store (what locals call a dep, for dépanneur). Over the years, Le Petit Dep grew into a beautiful showcase for local products, ranging from sweets to pastries.


Founded in 2014 in Montréal, Squish quickly won over customers with its original and tasty creations. While we can’t say that these are “healthy” candies, they are made from real fruit, herbs and spices, and many vegan options are available. So what’s to feel guilty about?


Carré Confiseries

Located in the Cours Mont-Royal, the Carré Confiseries gourmet boutique is overflowing with candies, Jelly Belly Beans and chocolate bars that are really hard to find elsewhere in town. This is also the place to go if you have a craving for chocolate-dipped ice cream.

Bonbons 5 étoiles

You’ll have to make a bit of a detour to get to the Metropolitan Flea Market, but you’ll forget about all the traffic and roadwork as soon as you arrive at Bonbons 5 étoiles. Not only is it fun to visit for kids of all ages, they can also help you plan children's parties, showers and other special occasions. Delivery available.




Located in the heart of Monkland Village, Sparkles was founded by Claire Himo in 2009. Her mission is to add a little happiness to your day, one visit at a time. From gift items to candies to chocolates and confections in bulk imported from all over the world, there is truly something for everyone, for any occasion.


If you have trouble making decisions, a visit to Oscar may be quite a challenge. On the other hand, if you like having lots of choice and you have a sweet tooth, this confectionery is possibly the best place to satisfy your cravings. You’ll probably even find some favourite candies or cookies from your childhood.


Chinatown - Dragon Beard Candy

Dragon's Beard Candy

Discover the “original” cotton candy, handcrafted every day by Johnny Chin, originally from Hong Kong. You’ll all see other sweets, like sweet dumplings and Chinese waffles, but it would be a real shame to miss out on the Dragon’s Beard if you’ve never tried it. Fun fact: This dessert was reserved only for emperors during the Chinese dynasties a few thousand years ago.

Boutique Chocosina

Chocolate and caramel lovers will be in heaven at Boutique Chocosina, located on Saint-Sulpice Street in Old Montréal. Create your own dream gift box with the malt balls, gummy bears, orange pucks, fudge and/or hand-crafted chocolate bars of your choice.




The master confectioners at Candylabs definitely take their profession seriously, creating unique, original and tailor-made candies. Candy-making workshops are also available for those looking for a hands-on activity with a sweet twist!


Shopping for sweets the way you shop for birthday or Christmas gifts in a glossy magazine is now possible. Browse the Kandju website for Halloween, Valentine's Day, Christmas and Easter collections, or create your own bucket or sachet. You can either go in person to a store or order everything online.


Takeover Instagram Tommy Dion

Tommy Dion

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