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Bubble tea traces its delicious roots back to Taiwan, where it’s known as zenzoo (pearl milk tea) and boba (slang for a boxom lady). It’s made by blending cold or hot tea with flavoured milk and black tapioca “pearls.” An extra-wide straw is used to suck up the sweet, tender pearls. This drink is very popular in Taiwan and has gained a strong following here in Québec, with specialty shops popping up in Chinatown and along Sainte-Catherine Street. Here’s a quick tour of the top 5 places for exotic bubble tea in Montréal.

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Chinatown tea time

Step into a whole new world! L2 Desserts Lounge is a youthful, student-style establishment where you can enjoy bubble tea while checking out the jukebox or playing video games, cards or foosball. – 71 A De la Gauchetière Street West


Rainbow bubbles

The Gay Village is adorned with strings of pink decorative balls—and it’s also home to a terrific bubble tea shop. Bistro NosThés Montréal offers a mouth-watering selection of beverages and exotic teas. Select your favourite milk blend (cow, soy or almond) and pearl type (tapioca or litchi, mango or rainbow jelly). The rainbow references are in good taste! –1215 Sainte-Catherine Street East

Quench your thirst at the Eaton Centre

Take a break while window shopping downtown. Bubble Tease  serves up a selection of teas and herbal infusions imported from Asia, as well as a wide variety of fresh fruit for creating your own signature beverage. It’s the perfect pick-me-up! – 705 Sainte-Catherine Street West

Take me to Taiwan

In the heart of the city’s new Chinatown (just steps from Concordia University), you’ll find Chatime, one of Taiwan’s leading bubble tea franchises, which are now found worldwide. A few other branches have also popped up around Montréal. Stop here for authentic, made-to-order bubble tea!

1811 Sainte-Catherine Street West
52 De la Gauchetière Street West
3428 Parc Avenue

Student-priced delights

Magic Idea has an endless menu that includes gems like jasmine, mango, lavender and honey teas. We love the generous portions and the quality of their pearls, which come in tapioca, lychee jelly or coffee jelly.

1675 De Maisonneuve Boulevard West
30 De la Gauchetière Street West

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