Where to take fall pictures in Montréal

“I love going down streets I walk frequently and finding new things, new angles at different times of day,” says Montréal photographer Susan Moss. “Light changes everything.” It’s easy to understand an artist’s love affair with this city, with its mix of modern and heritage architecture, its green streets and constant happening energy. Moss has been covering the culture, food and city beat for years, so much so that she lives and breathes Montréal. Here’s the city through her eyes.

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Atwater Market

This west-end market is right on the beautiful Lachine Canal, which makes it the perfect destination for cyclists and wanderers to refuel and the many mouth-watering stalls. From tacos to pizza to a selection of cheeses for a hotel-room snack, you’ll find it all here.


Jacques-Cartier Bridge

Now lit up at night in honour of the city’s 375th anniversary, this beautiful bridge has become even more iconic than it always was. It spans the vast St. Lawrence River to connect central Montréal to the South Shore neighbourhoods and, in between, Parc Jean-Drapeau on the verdant Île-Ste-Hélène and Île-Notre-Dame—so pretty in the fall when the colours start changing.


Beaver Lake

Near the tippy-top of Mount Royal, Montréal’s beloved green bump, this site is a magical place both in winter (when it becomes a twinkly skating rink) and in fall, when on Monday and Thursday evenings you can join in outdoor folkloric dancing. The lake is particularly photogenic in the mornings, when the water is still and reflects the surrounding trees like a mirror.


The Mount Royal Chalet

This lookout is hard to beat—especially because getting there is a workout! You can either gently stroll up the main path or hike up the dozens (and dozens!) or stairs to this spot perched atop Mount Royal, where you can see downtown, Old Montréal, the Old Port and the bridges sprawl out before you in all their glory. Pic-worthy both day and night.


Old Montréal

This historic neighbourhood may well be Montréal’s most renowned—it’s like our little piece of Europe. Most of the architecture here dates from between the 16th and 19th centuries, but the high-fashion shops and cutting-edge restaurants are anything but old fashioned. Terrasses Bonsecours is a beautiful spot for a picture.


Mile End

This is the neighbourhood to find only-here coffee shops, local designer wares, great little restaurants and a real village-vibe that’s as hip as they come. It’s at the centre of the action during music festivals like Pop Montréal and Suoni del Popolo, and you can always find cool art, records or vintage clothes to bring home as a souvenir.


Park Lafontaine

This vast green park in the middle of Montréal’s Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood has it all: hills, valleys, a lake, a bike path, baseball diamonds, a dog park, picnic areas—even an open-air theatre (until it starts to get too chilly). It’s a great spot for a fall picnic.


Jean Talon Market

One of the city’s oldest farmers’ markets, this foodopolis has the advantage of being perched right in the middle of Little Italy, one of the city’s most delicious places to be. In fall it’s bursting with squashes and pumpkins of all sizes, just the thing to get in that Halloween mood.


Westmount Park

Another of Montréal’s prettiest parks, this one is special because it adjoins a great public library and a beautiful little botanical garden for you to visit while you’re there. The park itself is kid heaven, with jungle gyms and fields for sports of your choice.


Plateau Mont-Royal

From the alleys to the colourful house facades to the spiral staircases that are synonymous with Montréal architecture, this central neighbourhood is charm incarnate. It’s a wonderful place to wander aimlessly, pop into a bakery, wander more, stop into a shoe shop, wander more… you get the idea.

Isa Tousignant

Isa Tousignant, blogger

Isa Tousignant is an art and lifestyle writer based out of Montréal’s ecclectic Park Ex neighbourhood. She is Contributing Editor for Canadian Art magazine and freelances full-time for a wide variety of magazines and brands. She’s also a jewellery designer and passionate about animal costumes and their role in contemporary art.

Susan Moss

Susan Moss, photographer

Susan Moss is a photographer best known for her raw photos of Montréal, from its loudest rock festivals to its quietest sun-dappled streets. Her unique in-the-moment style has led to her work appearing in such international magazines as Rolling Stone, Spin, NME and Vice.

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