Nature rules in Lanaudière

The natural splendour of the Lanaudière region awaits just a straight shot north of Montréal. With a mix of mountains, forests and lakes, Lanaudiere is an outdoorsy type’s perfect getaway, ready for you to fully immerse yourself in its wilderness. The countless cottages for rent in the area are just the beginning – a whole network of camping grounds, outfitters and yurts (if you’re more of a glamping type) awaits. Summer is always a glorious season to plunge into Lanaudière local life, though when the leaves turn in fall, a visit turns breathtakingly beautiful.

Lanaudière’s lay of the land

You’d be hard pressed to find a more varied landscape than Lanaudière, with everything from hike-perfect hills to a vast valley and lakes galore, not to mention the St. Lawrence’s northern bank. So much to explore!

  1. Stay overnight in a Kabania treetop cabin
  2. Enjoy a re-energizing getaway at Auberge du Lac Taureau
  3. Hike through the forest in Mont-Tremblant National Park
  4. Experience the soothing benefits of La Source Nordic Baths
  5. Sway to the sounds of classical music at the Festival de Lanaudière