Hot Food for Cold Days in Montréal

Mayssam Samaha

It’s the perfect time of year to be talking comfort food. And not just comfort food, but hot and spicy comfort food that will keep us warm while we go about our daily lives in this harsh and frigid weather. I read somewhere that some parts of Canada are colder than Mars these days. That’s certainly how I feel, but I refuse to stay in and hibernate. To keep me (and you) warm and cozy, here are some of my favourite hot foods.

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Indian vindaloo curry at Dévi

Vindaloo is one of the spiciest Indian curries on Devi’s menu, but the complex and interesting flavour make it worth the tears and is guaranteed to keep you warm for hours.


Spanish zarzuela de mariscos at Restaurant Mesón

Filled with several kinds of seafood, zarzuela is the Spanish answer to the French bouillabaisse. Hearty and with a faint kick, it’s a great dish to consume when it’s cold out and you’re in need of a warm hug.


Cheese fondue at La Fonderie or La Raclette

Who doesn’t crave a cheese-laden extravaganza when the temperature plummets? Dive into La Raclette or La Fonderie’s Swiss cheese fondue or the Swiss and Québec combo raclette, with a side of tartiflette to share, of course!

South East Asian laksa lemak soup at Satay Brothers

The Satay Brothers have garnered a cult following among Montrealers. They have just inaugurated their new space in Saint-Henri and their laksa lemak soup, an Indonesian specialty made with coconut milk, is both sweet and spicy.


Vietnamese Pho at Pho Tay Ho

This is my favourite Vietnamese restaurant. Any pho you pick will have a great broth and a generous helping of toppings. Squeeze in some sriracha for an extra kick.


Japanese ramen soup at Thazard

A Japanese restaurant with a French bistro feel, Thazard serves hearty vegetarian or pork laden ramen soups full of delicious broth, chewy noodles and great toppings, which you can enjoy for lunch or dinner until 2 a.m.

Mexican pozole at La Tamalera

Traditional Mexican pozole soup is made with maize and a choice of meat and topped with cabbage, radish and other choice vegetables. It’s so hearty, it’s guaranteed to warm you up!

Mayssam Samaha

Mayssam Samaha, blogger

Mayssam Samaha is a food and travel writer and blogger. She travels the world in search of the next culinary discovery. From Iceland to South Africa, she’s already visited over 30 countries and there’s nothing she enjoys more than wandering around a farmers’ market in a foreign city.

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