20 of Montréal’s best bring-your-own-wine restaurants

Blair Dohey

Blair Dohey is a Canadian writer and blogger who relentlessly tracks down the coolest things to do and see in Montréal and loves discovering amazing restaurants and bars in the city. When he’s not writing about his travels through Montréal, you’ll probably find him sitting at a bar, chatting with friends and laughing at his own jokes.

This article was updated on December 21, 2021.

The next best thing to a perfect meal in your favourite restaurant is the glass of wine that goes with it. Montréal has an excellent selection of bring-your-own-wine restaurants that allow you to bring your favourite bottled red, white or rosé along for the night. Here’s a great selection of bring-your-own-wine restaurants from neighbourhoods around the city that will satiate your hunger for great food and wine!

Restaurant Carte Blanche

Only steps from the beautiful Saint-Jacques Market, Restaurant Carte Blanche features a mixed menu of seafood, meats and cheeses, all carefully sourced from the finest of Québec producers to the reaches of international inspiration. Set in an eclectic and bright environment, this restaurant, which has been enjoying success for over ten years, is an exciting choice in an up and coming neighbourhood.

1159 Ontario Street East

Restaurant La Raclette

Imagine cozying up with a date or some friends on a cool fall evening with your favourite glass of wine. Now, imagine the smell of melting cheese, warming meats and vegetables, all ready to take your comfort food craving to new heights. Any time of the year is a great time of year for raclette in Montréal, and at Restaurant La Raclette on the Plateau, you can enjoy some of the best that Swiss tradition has to offer.

1059 Gilford Street

Bistro Smoking Vallée

A Saint-Henri staple for over a decade, it’s tough to find something not to like about this cutting-edge restaurant that blends French cuisine with flavours from around the world. The pork loin with smoked potatoes and chimichurri is a signature dish that you can’t miss. A cacophony of delightful chatter, laughter, clinking plates and cutlery creates an ambiance that’s music to ears to nightlife lovers.

4370 Notre-Dame Street West

La Khaima

Blending nomadic, North African cuisine with Mile-End’s laid-back attitude creates a dichotomy of chill in this brilliant and authentic restaurant found just west of Saint-Laurent Boulevard, on Fairmount Avenue. Tented ceilings and low, cushioned seating provide for cozy comfort while you sample delicious food such as cooked vegetables, meats and more, all served family style and all ready to be tasted with your choice of wine.

142 Fairmount Avenue West

Les Canailles

If tasting menus are your thing, look no further than Les Canailles, in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, for excellent food that you get to pair with the wine you bring along. They’re known for their foie gras, their fresh oysters, savoury tartare and more. The decor is a terrific blend of classic Montréal eatery and French bistro, making the restaurant feel refined yet friendly.

3854 Ontario Street East

Monsieur B

A quaint bistro in the heart of the Plateau, Monsieur B features inventive French cuisine (the fried cod accras as a starter are a must) served in a relaxed setting. With windows facing two sides of the restaurant, one of North America’s most bustling neighbourhoods is the perfect backdrop to your night out with your favourite people.

371 Villeneuve Street East

La Prunelle

Another excellent bring-your-own-wine restaurant on the Plateau. During the summer months, a wall of windows is removed, blurring the lines of where the restaurant ends, and Duluth Street begins. This restaurant’s strengths lie not only in the delicious food it serves but also in how it’s artfully presented. The duck breast, the guinea fowl and the seared scallops are all outstanding dishes.    

327 Duluth Avenue East

Tandem Restaurant

Preparing dishes with foods that are seasonally fresh as either table d’hôte or in a tasting menu format, Tandem Restaurant aims to impress with passion. Situated just north of the famous Jean-Talon Market, the restaurant also features cooking courses, a catering service and even gives recommendations on which types of wine work best with its food (so you look like a pro, even if you don’t know the difference between Douro or Sangiovese).

586 Villeray Street

Restaurant Le Square

Prince-Arthur Street has been known for years as a mecca of bring-your-own-wine restaurants. After an astonishing revamp of the pedestrian street, people are flocking to restaurants like Le Square to enjoy its summer terrasse, its fabulous and generous French food and the people watching. Deer carpaccio, avocado mousse with crab and an excellent selection of tartares is the tip of the iceberg at Le Square, making the restaurant a wonderful choice.

162 Prince-Arthur Street East

Lannes et Pacifique

With food sourced from some of the most interesting places on the planet (pork from Nagano, cod from Iceland), Lannes et Pacifique puts a quirky spin on classics. The decor is beautifully bright and colourful, making this restaurant truly unique in every way.

200 Beaubien Street East

Restaurant La Rose des Sables

Stepping into Restaurant La Rose des Sables is a little like leaving Montréal behind. The draped carpets that hang overhead and the sweet sounds of Mediterranean music sweep you away to a different world, even if it’s just for an evening. Offering refined Tunisian and Mediterranean cuisine that’s slow cooked to bring out the boldest of flavours in dishes like delicious couscous and tajines, La Rose des Sables is an escape from the ordinary.

1815 Rue Beaubien E, Montréal, QC H2G 1L7, (514) 593-665


The fresh pasta at Gaston on Masson Street is distractingly good, but there’s so much more to this fantastic little restaurant. Featuring coastal fare mixed with classic takes on beets mixed with goat cheese mousse, crab cakes, pork and much more, if you haven’t grabbed your favourite bottle of white (maybe even a bubbly) and taken your place at this restaurant yet, you should do it as soon as possible. Did I mention the pasta?

2666 Masson Street

Le Millen

Le Millen is a boldly colourful addition to Fleury Street’s food scene. Elevating our sense with market fresh food that’s artfully prepared and presented, this restaurant is a bring-your-own-wine that stands apart and once you’ve been, you understand why. Pasta stuffed with scallops and bacon, shrimp fished from the waters around Matane and succulent filet mignon are among the must-try dishes.

1185 Fleury Street East


Nestled in the heart of Montréal’s LGBTQ+ Village, this French bistro is renowned throughout the city for its creative cuisine, artful presentation, eclectic ambiance and laidback attitude. Dishes created with market-fresh produce, delicious seafood and distinctly blended tartare make O’Thym a wonderful place to bring your favorite wine (and people!).

112 Maisonneuve Boulevard East

Le Quartier général

Just a few steps north of the bustling activity of Mont-Royal Avenue you’ll find Le Quartier général, a popular bring-your-own-wine restaurant with an abundance of dishes featuring elements sourced locally, from and across the country and around the world. Tied thematically together with French flair, you may never have the same dish twice at Le Quartier général but may find yourself wishing that you could.

1251 Gilford Street

Khyber Pass

Montréal’s Plateau-Mont-Royal neighbourhood is teeming with restaurants offering food inspired from around the world. Khyber Pass is an Afghan bring-yourown-wine restaurant that doesn’t shy away from flavour. Whether you are vegetarian or a lamb lover or simply enjoy the spice blends that leave you wanting more, pairing any of the dishes featured on the menu with your favourite bottle of wine is a recipe for a successful night out on the town.

506 Duluth Avenue East


Seasonal produce, fresh meats and catch-of-the-day fish sourced from Québec’s terroir are the stars of the show at État-Major. Based in Montréal’s thriving Hochelaga neighbourhood, this bring-your-own-wine restaurant has become one of the many bright spots along Ontario Street East. Dishes such as beef and salmon tartare, seafood ceviche and much more all carefully and artfully prepared, as much a feast for the eyes as they are a treat for our taste buds.

4005 Ontario Street East

Blair Dohey

Blair Dohey is a Canadian writer and blogger who relentlessly tracks down the coolest things to do and see in Montréal and loves discovering amazing restaurants and bars in the city. When he’s not writing about his travels through Montréal, you’ll probably find him sitting at a bar, chatting with friends and laughing at his own jokes.

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