La Poutine Week 2018 - Sneak Peek

Jason Lee

From February 1 to 7, Montréalers and visitors alike will be putting their stretchy pants on and eating their fill of Québec’s unofficial-official dish, poutine. That’s right, it’s La Poutine Week Presented by Kingsey. Hungry yet?

If you’ve never taken part in La Poutine Week, it’s Montréal’s week-long festival for poutine-loving and poutine-curious foodies. Imagine stuffing your face with mounds of fresh French fries topped with unmistakably squeaky cheese curds and hot gravy. If that doesn’t get your mouth watering, consider that over 40 restaurants will be serving up their own interpretation of this classic Québecois dish and bidding for festival awards that include “Judge’s Choice,” “Most Original Poutine” and “Kingsey’s Best Poutine.”

All participating poutines will be offered at a deliciously preferred price to help eaters sample as many poutines as possible.

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New this year

For 2018, La Poutine Week has partnered with GOLO, a new digital app that allows users to order take-out or delivery from their favourite local shops. Select restaurants will have their poutines available through GOLO during the week-long poutine event. Keep a sharp eye on social media, where random promotional codes will be published—via La Poutine Week’s official Facebook and Instagram pages—for FREE POUTINE!

To whet your appetites, here’s a sneak peek at what can look forward to at this year’s La Poutine Week!


Lola Rosa – Pot Pie Poutine

White gravy made with cauliflower béchamel, peas, carrots, kale and fried capers.


Brasseur de Montréal – La Poutine Royale 2.0

Braised pork shank with Docker IPA beer, BBQ pork loin, pan-seared foie gras and onion preserve on a bed of our famous fries and homemade gravy.


Pub McCarold – The Daffy poutine

A crispy duck leg confit served on a cheesy mound of red “Mozart” potatoes roasted with Québec cheddar curds. Topped with a blueberry infused red wine veal reduction, and garnished with spicy beet chips and crispy arugula.


Chez Chose – La poutine chocisse

Fries cooked in duck fat, homemade herb-salted Tamworth pork sausage from Ferme Selby, homemade smoked cheese curds, pepper and brandy gravy.



Banquise Resto – La Scooby

Ground beef, onion, fried pickle and garlic sauce.


El Gordo

A mix of sweet potato and regular fries, tajin-roasted fried cauliflower, chipotle-spiced gravy, fresh cheese curds, fried onions and chives.


Les Enfants Terribles – La cordon bleue

Fried chicken, smoked cheese, braised ham and homemade mustard.



Campo – Bifana Poutine

Bifana (marinated & grilled pork cutlets), chouriço, homemade fries, fresh cheese curds, São Jorge cheese and homemade chicken sauce.


Taverne F par Ferreira – Pork and Clam Poutine

Pulled pork, olive oil, garlic and smoked paprika sautéed clams, white wine sauce, homemade fries, São Jorge cheese and fresh cheese curds.

Rubs American BBQ – Popcorn Chicken Poutine

Crispy golden nuggets of chicken coated with Rubs original recipe, home-cut russet fries with a buffalo poutine sauce and a drizzle of blue cheese crema topped off with thinly chopped shallots.


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Jason Lee

Jason Lee, blogger

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