Beaubien Street: a stomping ground for discerning gourmets

Laure Juilliard

Laure Juilliard has been writing for over 10 years. She specializes in lifestyle, tourism, travel and food, she writes for the media as well as for different companies, agencies, freelancers or associations. Always in search of innovative concepts and top places to be at, she is also constantly preparing her next trip.

This article was updated on February 12, 2024.

For the past few years, the culinary scene on this Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie street has been really buzzing. Here are some tasty morsels to discover, east to west, highlighting its exciting gourmet profile and ambiance. Let's eat!

Mile Ex

La Marelle: a cozy eatery in an industrial setting

129 Beaubien Street West| Website

A cozy new neighbourhood restaurant that features creative local dishes and a curated selection of wines and beers. Grab a seat at the bar, the focal point of its long, narrow and lively interior, and settle in for an excellent evening of food and conversation. 



Little Italy

Gus: Small steakhouse. Big flavours.

38 Beaubien Street East | Website

In his small, neighbourhood space with a decidedly rustic decor, Chef David Ferguson delivers his bold brand of creative and spicy cuisine influenced by the American southwest. A favourite Beaubien Street spot that keeps us clamoring for more. 

J’ai Feng: extraordinary Szechuan cuisine

43 Beaubien Street East | Website

In this bright, minimalist, five-star Chinese grocery store/takeout counter, a dozen of so customers can sit at the counter and enjoy the delicious Szechuan noodles of Anita Feng, an exceptional chef who brings Chinese cuisine to life. Raid her ready-to-eat fridge of small daily homemade dishes and peruse her impeccable selection of Asian products to complete the experience at home.

Pizza Bouquet : New York style pizza!

45 Beaubien Street East | Site web

This tiny restaurant, which also offers counter service, is popular with locals, serves up New York style pizzas and slices, to eat in or take out. They are delicious!


Le Vieux Vélo: an Eggs Benedict institution

59 Beaubien Street East | Website

A classic Montréal brunch spot! With its vintage décor and long lines on weekends (be patient, it's worth the wait), go to Le Vieux Vélo to savour the happy atmosphere, the eclectic crowd and the perfect Eggs Benedict. Simple, classic and comforting!

LeDon Donburi

168 Beaubien Street East | Site web

This small, super-discreet spot is a must-try on your gourmet adventure on Beaubien. The pared-down menu gives pride of place to comforting and classic Japanese cuisine: Katsudon, Oyakodon or Korokkedon, to be enjoyed while watching Japanese anime. So good!

Buvette Beaubien

211 Beaubien Street East | Website

This is a perfect place for a gourmet lunch, a coffee on the outdoor patio, a festive aperitif or an intimate dinner. An impeccable all-in-one that also offers imported wines to take away. An unfussy and delicious option!



Il Bazzali: a taste of Italy

285 Beaubien Street East | Website

Chef and Tenor Davide Bazzali and his team offer you inspiring Italian cuisine with an international twist. Don't be surprised if the powerful voice of a tenor suddenly starts filling the restaurant!


Nouveau Système Beaubien: an old-timey snack bar

323 Beaubien Street East | Website

Since 1962, this diner has been treating regulars to mouth-watering poutines, classic breakfasts as well as burgers and hotdogs at unbeatable prices. Warm and unassuming, it welcomes people from across the social strata into its retro décor, which features a jukeboxe, metal stools, red vinyl booths and a television tuned into the news. One of the most authentic snacks bars in town that satisfies each and every craving.

Bar Mamie et La Cave: for a good, old-fashioned board

328 Beaubien Street East | Website

First come, first served, incomparable quality for what you pay, a hoppin’ atmosphere every night, warm and welcoming owners, comfort food and wine by the glass at appetizing prices: the Bar Mamie et La Cave have quickly become a key part of the Petite-Patrie scene. 


Café Pista: brilliant lattes and mini brunch

500 Beaubien Street East | Website

With its hipster feel and cheerfully chill atmosphere, this pretty, bright, almond-green café is a neighbourhood hotspot for luxurious lattes and small dishes to grab on the go.  

Isle de Garde: impressive microbrewery

1039 Beaubien Street East | Website

This always-packed, independent brewery offers beers brewed on site and a menu of delicious comfort food in a warm and lively atmosphere.


Darna bistroquet: a delightfully cozy bistro with Morrocan flavour

1106 Beaubien Street East | Website

Here, the love of well-made food combines with the warmth of a friendly space. The menu is inspired by Mediterranean and Maghrebi cuisine, and features local ingredients and eco-friendly products alongside a natural, organic and biodynamic wine list.


Bistro japonais Furusato: authentic Japanese dishes

1265 Beaubien Street East | Site web

This beloved Montréal restaurant just recently moved to Beaubien, continuing to serve up the delicious, traditional Japanese cuisine it is renowned for. You can order sushi and sashimi, nabemono (Japanese hotpot and fondue) savoury Donburi, steaming udon noodle soups, mouth-watering appetizers and more at this simple, impeccable and flavourful eatery.

La Belle Tonki: Asian comfort food

1335 Beaubien Street East | Website

Anything but conventional, this ultimate temple of comfort food serves up traditional Pho soup and poutine with a twist, all on the same menu. Bursting with flavour and personality, this popular Asian address serves up a culinary mix that can’t be beat!

Bo’ Dégât: a bit of Barcelona

1392 Beaubien Street East | Website

A sunny, vibrant and welcoming spot that’s a superb choice for drinks and creative Catalan tapas. Choose from a menu of mouth-watering small plates made in the greatest Spanish traditions.


Vinvinvin: Nordic biodynamic wine bar

1290 Beaubien Street East | Website

Elegant and inviting, this colourfully cozy wine bar serves up a diverse array of organic and biodynamic wines alongside a snack menu featuring small local plates to share. A must for lovers of wine and design. 


La Rose des Sables: Tunisian Bring-Your-Own-Wine

1815 Beaubien Street East | Website

In a cozy, traditional setting, this delicious neighbourhood restaurant offers fragrant Tunisian and Mediterranean cuisine using fresh produce and slow cooking to enhance the flavours.


Régine Café: Montréal’s most popular brunch

1840 Beaubien Street East | Website

Montréal brunch  mecca where everyone happily and patiently (yes, you'll have to wait in line) rushes to enjoy the scrumptious cuisine of your favourite “Aunt Régine”. A typical Montréal experience!


Pâtisserie Madeleine: finesse and savoir-faire

2105 Beaubien Street East | Website

Refined and minimalist, this little taste of baked heaven creates and reworks great French pastry classics with style and sophistication. Too good not to try!

La Boulette: burger paradise

2223 Beaubien Street East | Website

Just steps away from the Beaubien Cinema, this haven of carnivorous delight is an ideal spot to enjoy a gourmet burger with family, friends or a special someone. 


Le Elsdale Buvette de quartier: neighbourhood coffee shop, watering hole and boutique

2381 Beaubien Street East | Website

A cute little locale near Molson Park and the Beaubien Cinema where you can enjoy a coffee, a lunch on the go, a brunch, some oysters, small local plates and fresh natural wines.


Mitch Deli: 5-star fried chicken sandwich

2660 Beaubien Street East | Website

A gourmet spot to devour big, delicious sandwiches and much more, accompanied by a glass of good organic wine. 

Laure Juilliard

Laure Juilliard has been writing for over 10 years. She specializes in lifestyle, tourism, travel and food, she writes for the media as well as for different companies, agencies, freelancers or associations. Always in search of innovative concepts and top places to be at, she is also constantly preparing her next trip.

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