Visit Montréal the sustainable way

Make sustainable tourism a way of life on your next trip to Montréal. Live harmoniously alongside the locals during your stay and be mindful as you take advantage of everything Montréal has to offer, discover all the places that make it one-of-a-kind, and enjoy different local products and services.

The calculator

You can calculate the carbon footprint of your visit to Montréal and offset it with a donation, if you’d like.

the calculator

The promise

Live harmoniously alongside locals during your trip. Make a promise for a sustainable stay.

the promise

The vision

Find out more about Tourisme Montréal’s commitment to sustainable tourism and its initiative on this matter.

the vision

Find out more about your carbon footprint in Montréal

This tool calculates the carbon footprint of your entire visit to Montréal, whether it’s the greenhouse gas emissions from the plane, the impact of your transportation, meals and accommodations in the city.

You’ll have the opportunity to offset a portion of your carbon footprint by making a donation to Carbone boréal, a Université du Québec à Chicoutimi a research infrastructure that plants trees and researches carbon sequestration. Your donation will make you an active participant in restoring the boreal forest and fighting climate change.


Use the calculator to better understand the carbon footprint of your visit to Montréal

Promise for a sustainable stay

Montréal has so much to offer that you’re sure to have an unforgettable trip. Your commitment to the promise for a sustainable stayis a sign of gratitude towards the city and its inhabitants.

While in Montréal, I do not consider myself just a visitor, I see myself as a honorary local. Although I may just be passing through, I promise to enjoy everything the city has to offer in a respectful and responsible manner.

  • Waste and impact managementMontréal is overflowing with green spaces and they inspire me to be as green as I can. Reusable bottles, cups and bags are my constant companions.
  • Zero-emission transportationOn foot, by bike, on the metro... there are many green ways to explore the city. Low-impact sustainable mobility is my preferred way to get around. 
  • Buy localI make the most of my visit by enjoying Montréal’s je ne sais quoi whenever I can. That means buying local when possible, because supporting local businesses here is as simple as saying “Bonjour-Hi.”
  • Welcoming diversityMontréal’s diversity is what makes this city so culturally rich. It’s a place where I’m free to be myself, just like everyone else. 
  • Respect and civilityAs a citizen of the world, I respect your home. Even if I’m just here for a little while, I will do my best to act like a good neighbour. 

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