Through my lens: The many faces of Montréal, by Tobrook

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When it comes to Montréal’s many moods and colours, photographer Eric Gagnon, alias @Tobrook, knows them intimately – and he captures them with elegance and beauty. As he roams the city (and beyond), he takes us along to discover the people and places that inspire him. His passion for photography, like his passion for Montréal, is constantly evolving, and we love following him on his explorations.  

A former graphic designer, he has always been fascinated by the visual arts and the balancing of compositions, colours and forms. He has a special appreciation for architectural lines, the warm light of the “golden hour” (just after sunrise or just before sunset), life in natural environments, the power and strength of athletes, the rush of speed at F1 races, the graceful movements of dancers or circus artists, the energy of a band or singer performing on stage and the serendipitous discoveries of a classic road trip.   

In short, he loves to photograph almost anything. And, lucky for him, Montréal has no shortage of amazing things to capture in images. Eric keeps himself busy throughout the year, following Montréal’s many events, as well as capturing the beauty of its natural landscapes and the warmth and diversity of its inhabitants. 

When he’s not photographing his many pet subjects, Eric teaches photography and explores his favourite neighbourhood, the Latin Quarter, where he lives. Rich in history and architecture, this lively neighbourhood provides constant inspiration, as do the surrounding districts of the Old Port, downtown, the Plateau and the Quartier des spectacles. 

His favourite season? Fall, when Montréal transforms into a palette of warm and vibrant colours. One thing is certain, he's always ready, camera in hand, to capture the best the city has to offer. 

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