Montréal’s most instagrammable cafés

Pastel Rita - Coffee
Mayssam Samaha

Mayssam Samaha

This article was updated on May 26, 2023.

If it’s not on your ‘gram, did it really happen? The following Montréal cafés are so photogenic that you’re going to have a hard time deciding which photos to post on your Instagram feed and which to do a story with. Tag us @montreal or at @mtlatable so we can repost you!


Bar Darling

4328 Saint-Laurent Blvd. | Website

Bar Darling is anything but minimalist. Rich textures, extravagant light fixtures, eclectic objects, warm tones and plush leather couches are all piled up in a dizzying mishmash of colours and textures that make this space unique and welcoming.


Café Parvis

Café Parvis

433 Mayor Street | Website

Café Parvis is one of the most instagrammed café in Montréal. It’s got a vintage charm with its peeling paint, weathered wood flooring and old-school amber glassware. The hanging plants in the light-filled room complete the look and the excellent food make for a delicious visit.


Crew Collective & Café

Crew Collective & Café

360 Saint-Jacques Street | Website

Voted as one of the most beautiful cafés in the world, Crew Collective & Café inhabits the historic old premises of the Royal Bank of Canada. Built in the ‘30s, the breathtaking space with intricate vaulted ceilings and gold tones has been preserved and makes for a spectacular place to have a cup of coffee and impress your Instagram followers.


Pastel Rita

Pastel Rita

5761 Saint-Laurent Blvd. | Website

Pastel Rita is a Mile End café and wine bar that looks like a set from a Wes Anderson movie. The pink, yellow and green colour pattern and symmetrical arches scream fun and beg to be immortalized on your feed: you’ll be more than happy to oblige. Don’t forget to check out the inhouse tattoo parlour.


Tommy Café

Tommy Café (both locations)

200 Notre-Dame Street & 151 Saint-Paul Street | Website

The original Tommy Café on Notre-Dame Street in Old Montréal is one of the most instagrammed cafés in Montréal, and for good reason. The white space has retained its original Old Montréal windows and stunning mouldings and is decorated with dozens of hanging plants for a dazzling overall effect. The other location down the street on Saint-Paul Street is a busier space with bold colours, warm woods, and a green plant wall that makes the perfect backdrop.


Café Saint-Henri

Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur (Jean-Talon Market and Mile-Ex)

7335 Mile End Street & 260 Place du Marché-du-Nord | Website

Saint Henri micro-torréfacteur’s location in the Jean-Talon Market is the cutest spot to grab a coffee. The light-filled space has tiny marble-topped round tables dotting one side of it while their beautifully designed bags of coffee take up the other side. The Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur Mile-Ex headquarters is a large, industrial space lit with cement furniture and pink neon lights that’s perfect for working. It also houses the roasting facilities.


The Standard

The Standard (Westmount location)

5135 Sherbrooke Street | Website

Herringbone parquetry, black walls, pristine marble counters and brass accents make The Standard the most elegant and luxurious café in Montréal. Pose in one of the plush black chairs for a most striking Instagram post.


Le Falco

Café Falco

5605 de Gaspé Av. Website

Café Falco is in an industrial space in the Mile End neighbourhood. Cement ceilings and floors and large windows are complemented by a hodgepodge of coffee paraphernalia that lend a science lab ambiance to this Japanese-inspired café. Minimalist prints, hanging bikes and other uncommon objects complete the unique look.


Le Petit Dep Saint Paul

Le Petit Dep (2 locations in Old Montréal and in Griffintown)

179 Saint-Paul Street & 461 Saint-Sulpice Street | Website

This is without a doubt the most instagrammed façade in Old Montréal. Le Petit Dep’s bright aqua green exterior attracts the attention and makes for a great photo background. The convenience store/coffee shop’s interior is the perfect place to stock up on candy and Montréal-themed souvenirs. Le Petit Dep’s second location in Griffintown is just as lovely and bright.


Miss Boon

Miss Boon

380 De Castelnau Street | Website

Are you a plant and coffee lover? Adorable plant shop Miss Boon is located on De Castelnau Street, Villeray’s hippest artery. Shop for the trendiest plants and pots, participate in a workshop and enjoy a coffee, fresh juice or a sweet bite surrounded by greenery inside or on the secret cozy terrasse in the back.


Bar Caffettiera


2055 Stanley Street | Website

A 90’s inspired ambiance and décor and a true Italian “bar” experience will be the background of your photos at Caffettiera. The colourful caffè serves sandwiches, snacks, aperitivo and Italian-style coffee, of course.


Café SAT

Café SAT

6 Place du Marché | Website

Located on the ground floor of the Société des arts technologiques (SAT), Café SAT is a minimalist space flanked by floor to ceiling windows. The best background for your Instagram photo is the inside of the SAT façade made up of rows of lights that are continuously changing colours.


Solita Café

SoLit Café

2030 Mansfield Street | Website

SoLit Café is a welcome oasis in the heart of Montréal’s downtown core. This “orange grove inspired café” has an actual canopy of hanging lights and oranges that provide a gorgeous backdrop to all your photos.


Rose Café

Rose Café

26 Gounod Street | Website

Villeray’s Rose Café is a great destination if you’re looking for delicious Italian food such as mountain high focaccia sandwiches, fresh bombolonis or crispy, light as air cannoli. Get your best Instagram shot under the canopy of hanging roses or with the rose-inspired wallpaper.

Le K

Square Saint-Louis, Laval Avenue | Website

Le K (le kiosque K) is the lovely stone gazebo located in the middle of Square Saint-Louis and a beautiful place to stop for coffee. Grab one of the tables outside and have a snack or a coffee surrounded by the beautiful park greenery.


Holt Renfrew Ogilvy - Café Holt

Café Holt Ogilvy

1307 Saint-Catherine Street West | Website

A beautiful Parisian-inspired café located inside the Holt Renfrew Ogilvy store, Café Holt’s jewel tones, textured marble walls and plush fabrics make the perfect background for all your Instagram photos. Sink into one of their banquettes and take your shot.

La Croissanterie Figaro

5200 Hutchison Street | Website

With its wrought iron chairs, marble-topped tables and tin ceiling, stepping into La Croissanterie Figaro feels like taking a trip to Paris. An institution in Montréal, this Outremont address is even more lovely in the summer when the lush terrasse is open and busy with patrons.


Café Ferlucci

Can’t get enough?

If the cafés listed above are not enough, here are a few more for you to try: Café FerlucciCafé SfoufCafé BloomLe ButterblumeBaristelloCafé Myriade (Sainte-Catherine Street), LarrysLes ImpertinentesLa FincaPaquebot CaféCafé PistaDispatch Coffee (Saint-Laurent Boulevard), La graine brûléeCafé Larue & Fils and Ginkgo Café Bar.

Mayssam Samaha

Mayssam Samaha

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