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This article was updated on May 16, 2023.

Ready for some travel inspiration? Journey to Montréal through the lenses of some of the most inspiring local photographers. These 10 Instagrammers have a passion for their city and will inevitably get you dreaming about your next trip to Montréal. Next step: create your own unforgettable #MTLMOMENTS.

Eva Blue

Professional photographer Eva Blue is a familiar face at almost every festival and event in town. Her images capture the grace, and vitality of Montréal. The type of photographs that cause locals to fall in love again and again with their beautiful city.


J-F Savaria

Urban explorer and photographer, JF expresses his love for Montréal through photos that are both powerful and poetic. He is always searching for new angles and new ways of seeing his favourite places, including many aerial shots.


Ali Inay

Ali introduces us to his Montréal — the city that won his heart and that he now calls home — through images that are carefully composed and deeply personal. His subjects range from the geometry of the city's architecture to the intimacy of neighbourhood life in his favourite cafes.


Two Food Photographers

If you travel for food, then take a trip over to Alison Slattery’s Instagram, where the Irish-born, Montréal-based food photographer will make you salivate directly on your screen. The perfect account for discovering Montréal restaurants.


Eric Branover

As “your friendly neighbourhood camera” (his words), Eric captures unexpected angles and artistic moments. The city becomes a living canvas for expressing his unique and creative perspectives, and it remains at the heart of all his work.


Duc C. Nguyên

A blend of interesting architecture and mouth-watering food. Duc unearths hidden corners of Montréal, educating us all along the way.


Bertrand Exertier

Bertrand’s soft and soothing urban portraits often feature lush green spaces and stunning architectural elements. He brings a vision of Montréal that reflects both the familiarity of a local and the wonder of the eternal visitor.


Jeff Frenette

Frenette is a photographer, videographer, and travel blogger who loves to discover everything Montréal has to offer, from restaurants and cafés to hidden gems in the neighbourhoods he explores. His style is fresh, playful, and authentic.



Un Végétalien à Montréal

Beautiful landscapes paired with intimate street photography. Montréal comes across in its true colours: vibrant and playful.



For the best bird’s-eye views of Montréal, follow Francis. Consistently spectacular.




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