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Montréal has been making quite the splash with its growing craft distillery scene. So, if stirring up some cool cocktails is your new favourite hobby, we suggest you stock up on these locally made spirits and add some Montréal flavour to your next happy hour.


  • Cirka Sauvage*: A silky and elegant gin that releases aromas of the Québec boreal forest. It combines fruity, floral and coniferous notes.
  • LOOP Lime and Ginger*: A dry, lime and ginger flavoured gin made with potato  scraps left over from the production of Yum Yum potato chips. Eight upcycled potatoes per bottle!
  • BleuRoyal*: A floral gin with subtle notes of juniper berries, cardamom, coriander, wildflowers and butterfly pea flowers (which give it its unique, 100% natural blue colour).
  • Portage*: A classic London dry gin, it makes for the perfect gin and tonic.
  • Royalmount*: Produced in small batches, this Montréal gin releases floral and citrus notes, and comes in one of the most instagrammable bottles out there.  
  • Madison Park Pink*: A delicate, elegant and refreshing floral gin with notes of citrus fruit.  With a lovely shade of pink obtained through the distillation of wild hibiscus flowers, this dry gin reflects Montréal’s joie de vivre.
  • Romeo’s Gin*: Each bottle of this fresh yet bold gin showcases the artwork of local and international artists. The new melon-flavoured Romeo’s Gin X features the work of Montréal artist Miss Me.
  • Oshlag Gin Hibiscus*: Pretty in pink, this gin is macerated with hibiscus flowers and pink grapefruit, which create the perfect blend of spicy and floral flavours.


  • Cirka Terroir: Subtle aromas of licorice and caramel characterize this artisanal spirit.
  • Pur Ultra Premium*: The most award-winning Canadian vodka in the world!  
  • Oshlag Hopped: This non-traditional vodka is crafted with Cascade hops, macerated post-distillation, which give it its distinctive bitterness and yellow veil.
  • White Keys: A very distinctive vodka made with Canadian grain and De l’Aubier organic maple sap water.
  • Rosemont Vodka: This smooth, crystal-clear vodka is distilled with the finest maple sap.
  • MVodka: An exceptionally smooth, clean-tasting premium vodka, micro-distilled in small batches, with an "M" for Montréal.


  • Rosemont Spiced*: This pinkish amber rum, infused with cranberries and flavoured with Kampot pepper, bird’s eye chili, cardamom and sumac, is blended with a caramel syrup for a sweet finish.
  • Rosemont Rhum: A double distilled white rum with floral and herbal notes, and a long-lasting taste of molasses.
  • Sainte-Marie*: This rosy-hued spiced rum was named after an old Montréal neighbourhood, the Molasses District. It’s infused with Québec cantaloupe and cranberries, as well as star anise, Szechuan pepper and allspice.





Sodas and ready-to-drink cocktails

  • 1642: Unique sodas created with natural sugars, spring water and flavours.
  • Bec: Fresh, organic sodas, sweetened with Québec maple syrup.

For those who are not particularly gifted for mixology, there are always ready‑to‑drink cocktails. Montréal’s Oshlag, Pur Vodka and Romeo’s Gin offer a delicious variety of pre-mixed cocktails. Just pour and enjoy!

Cheers from Montréal!

*Available for online orders on the SAQ website.

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