AfroMonde Festival

16th edition

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The AfroMonde festival is an important gathering that celebrates culture, urban music, fashion, visual arts and gastronomy. The festival features modern and traditional dance, folktales, conferences, culinary discoveries, carnival parades, kiosks, exhibits and much more. This free activity offers a space for all to come together to learn and celebrate. Welcoming thousands of festival-goers every year, the AfroMonde festival strives to strengthen solidarity with the communities by raising awareness of the dangers of intolerance, discrimination and racism.

  • AfroMonde Festival - Carnival
  • AfroMonde Festival - Artist performance
  • AfroMonde Festival - Festival-goers
  • AfroMonde Festival - Percussion workshop


  • from August 15 to September 15, 2024



  • Concert, show
  • Dance
  • Parade


  • Yes