Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and Olympic spirit

Montréal’s historically working-class Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood – better known as HoMa – is a treasure trove of discoveries for travellers, from the larger-than-life architecture of the Olympic Stadium and the Space for Life to petite bistros and charming cafés.

Olympic, botanical, authentic

The Olympic District is a lush and leafy area, and home to the popular Olympic Park. This expansive and modern urban park includes the iconic Montréal Tower (the world’s tallest inclined tower), the Olympic Stadium (built for the 1976 Summer Olympics), the Esplanade (site of a multitude of cultural and sports events year-round) and the Sports Centre (a modern urban training ground.

The Olympic District is also home to the Space for Life nature museums, where young and old can enjoy endless hours of unique science and nature experiences.


Make it a day in HoMa and Rosemont

Once a predominantly Francophone working-class district, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve–or HoMa, as locals call it–never ceases to reinvent itself and diversify, without losing the spirit of simplicity. Here, both past and present share street space with converted warehouses and factories and impressive churches and a quaint public market. The Rosemont neighbourhood also has an industrial past. It was home to the Canadian Pacific’s Angus Shops, dedicated to the construction of railroad materials.

Today, those friendly boroughs are comprised of distinctive areas with an active community life. Quaint streets, green alleyways and numerous local cafés and businesses make for a lively, family-friendly neighbourhood.

With plenty of things to see and do, it might be best to plan ahead. When it comes to attractions, here are some of the “greatest hits.”

  1. Relive the magic of the 1976 Olympics at the Olympic Stadium.
  2. Frolic in the horticultural wonderland of the Botanical Garden.
  3. Sample the farm-fresh flavours at the Maisonneuve Market.
  4. Step into the Beaux-Arts luxury of a history home at the Château Dufresne.
  5. Wander along Promenade Masson, the charming main street of Old Rosemont.