What’s on the menu at Time Out Market Montréal?

Tommy Dion

Following our article about why you should be excited about Time Out Market, it’s time to shine the spotlight on the people and places that will bring the new food hall to life. Whether for lunch, dinner or its special weekend brunch menu, Time Out Market offers you an array of gourmet options to choose from.

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Olive et Gourmando — All-day brunch

An Old Montréal staple for more than two decades, Olive et Gourmando will offer all-day brunch options featuring its fresh and filling gourmet cuisine.

Foxy — All fired up!

Founded by chef Dyan Solomon, Foxy features vegetables, meats and other delectable dishes prepared in wood-fired ovens.

Montréal Plaza Restaurant — Original and refined cuisine

Charles-Antoine Crête was mentored by legendary chef Normand Laprise at Montréal’s famous Toqué! restaurant. It was this experience that inspired him to open Montréal Plaza Restaurant with his associate Cheryl Johnson in 2015. At Time Out Market Montréal, Charles-Antoine has succeeded in crafting yet another sublime culinary experience.

Montréal Plaza Deli — Gourmet sandwiches

Montréal Plaza Deli will offer a unique selection of gourmet sandwiches.


Foodchain — Salads

Charles-Antoine will run not two but three restaurants at Time Out Market Montréal, with Foodchain offering crunchy fresh-cut salads.


Marusan — Ramen and donburi

A cozy Japanese eatery based in the heart of Old Montréal, Marusan has delighted diners for the past two years with its traditional kaiseki-style cuisine that features multiple small dishes. At Time Out Market Montréal, chef Tetsuya Shimizu will focus on two other specialities close to his heart: ramen soup and donburi bowls.


Grumman ’78 — Tacos

Montréal street food pioneer Gaëlle Cerf of Grumman ’78 fame is teaming up with her chef Sébastien Harrison Cloutier to bring international-inspired tacos to the downtown core.

Burger T — Gourmet burgers with a local flavour

All the know-how of chef Normand Laprise (Toqué, Brasserie T, Beau Mont) and his “eat local” philosophy wrapped up in a burger bun!

Le Club Chasse et Pêche Restaurant Bar Salon — Meat and seafood

Faithful to the techniques that have made it a success for more than 15 years, Le Club Chasse et Pêche Restaurant Bar Salon will feature refined meat and seafood dishes with a local flavour.


il Miglio — Fresh pasta

il Miglio is an Italian eatery operated by Hubert Marsolais and Claude Pelletier (Le Filet, Club Chasse et Pêche, Le Serpent). At Time Out Market Montréal, chef Mélanie Blouin will delight the taste buds with mouth-watering pasta and antipasto dishes.

Moleskine Restaurant — Pizza

The chef of Moleskine Restaurant, Frédéric St-Aubin, isn’t Italian but he’s clearly a maestro when it comes to the art of pizza. His speciality is a slow-fermented sourdough pasta adorned with local ingredients and cooked in a wood-fire oven.


Romados — Portuguese chicken and pastéis

A local institution for more than two decades, Romados will offer what it does best: succulent Portuguese chicken and flaky pastéis de nata.


Le Red Tiger — Vietnamese street food

It’s “mission accomplished” for restaurateur Dan Pham and chef Phong Thach, who set out to introduce Montrealers to Vietnamese street food with their restaurant Le Red Tiger. At Time Out Market Montréal, they’ll proudly serve classics like pho, papaya salad and various skewers.


Chef Paul Toussaint — Haitian specialities

Chef Paul Toussaint, formerly of Agrikol, will add a touch of flavour and spice to the market with his appetizing Haitian creations including jerk meat, griot and accra fritters.

Hof Sucré — Pastries

Hof Kelsten’s signature pastries will make their way to Time Out Market Montréal at Hof Sucré, where pastry chef Jeffrey Finkelstein will also bake signature desserts.


Dalla Rose — Ice cream

Masters at crafting artisanal ice cream sandwiches, Saint-Henri-based Dalla Rose is set to conquer downtown with its unique flavours.


Ateliers & Saveurs — Cooking classes and wine tastings

Cooking classes and wine tastings will be offered at Ateliers & Saveurs, which operates its other branch on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

Time Out Bar — Cocktails, beer and wine

Time Out Market Montréal will also offer an impressive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Several establishments will serve Québec craft beer, wine and signature cocktails by mixologists from 10 Montréal cocktail bars.

Signé Local — Local fine foods and more

Finally, visitors will have the chance to pick up a few items at Signé Local, which will offer locally sourced food products as well as beauty products, clothes and decorations by local designers.

Tommy Dion

Tommy Dion, editor, blogger and content creator

Tommy is the founder of the blog and gourmet guide Le Cuisinomane, whose mission is to showcase Québec’s local products and gastronomy. With an in-depth knowledge of Montréal’s food scene, his expertise and professionalism make him a trusted source for all the best food spots and experiences in Montréal. In addition to tasting and writing about food, Tommy also creates content for brand, always related to food and gastronomy.

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