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Martine Rhéaume

Is music a universal language? From June 14 to 22, 2019, you can test that theory—and your French—out when the Francos de Montréal fills the Quartier des spectacles with music by francophone artists from the four corners of the world. With more than 70 concerts indoors and 180 free concerts on outdoor stages, the cusp of summer has never been better for diving into discoveries in French-language song. Here are some program highlights to kick start your Gallic groove during this 31st edition.

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FouKi, June 15 on the Bell stage (Place des Festivals)

Tracks from his album Zay have been shared by the millions on music streaming sites and the hype is merited for the young rapper FouKi. Crowds love his music, which ranges from reggae to trap, and his seemingly nonchalant but charming vibe.

Hubert Lenoir, June 14, 15 and 16 at Foufounes Électriques

A modern, gender-bending artist with moxie in spades, Hubert Lenoir is hot off touring his new album Darlène! across Québec and the world. Lenoir and his musicians will be wrapping up the Francos with their unique musical style, with this unique artist promising to deliver more than what you came for.

Safia Nolin and guests, June 16 on the Bell stage (Place des Festivals)

Blending a unique mix of power, vulnerability and charm, folk singer Safia Nolin will be joined by Patrick Watson, Kroy, Pomme and many other surprise guests with a tailor-made Francos performance. Her soulful voice and touching lyrics have an uncanny knack for resonating deep within us. An unmissable show.

Tiken Jah Fakoly, June 18 at MTELUS

Considered the hero of modern reggae, Tiken Jah Fakoly brings the plight of the people of the Ivory Coast front and centre with a classic and global reggae that doesn’t shy from the truth. A militant against corruption, anti-globalization, the rural exodus and a proponent for agriculture, his powerful songs give people the confidence to take control of their destinies in a festive, upbeat ambiance.

Fanny Bloom, June 14 on the Hydro-Québec stage (corner of Sainte-Catherine and Jeanne-Mance Streets)

Beneath that bright and airy voice is a powerful artist, and Fanny Bloom continues to conquer Montrealers’ hearts. She’ll be bringing her electro- and pop-infused tracks from her recent album Liqueur to the stage and will have the city in the palm of her hand once again.

Dramatik, June 20 on the Desjardins stage (corner of Maisonneuve Boulevard and Jeanne-Mance Street)

The king of keb rap (rap from Québec) and ardent defender of hip-hop counterculture in the early ‘90s is back! With his distinctly deep voice, Dramatik will be delivering his razor-sharp rhymes from his new album Le phénix, il était plusieurs fois. A must-see night featuring a pioneer of the genre.

Ariane Moffatt, June 14 on the Bell stage (Place des Festivals)

With her unique artistic sensitivity and musical mastery, Juno-award-winning Ariane Moffatt offers up new discoveries with each of her albums. She’ll be opening the Francos with a Néo-Soul-disco-pop-électro funky show des Francos, a genre-spanning extravaganza that will wow the Place des Festivals crowds.

Koriass, June 22 on the Bell stage (Place des Festivals)

A gentleman with a tough skin, Koriass assumes his role as leader of the keb rap scene with grace and vulnerability. The first rapper to be nominated as the ADISQ’s (Québec’s music awards) artist of the year, he continues to bring Québec rap to the forefront of the music scene. He’ll be wrapping up this 31st edition of the Francos with a show you don’t want to miss.

Consult the entire program on the Francos site.

Martine Rheaume

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