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  • Kréma Cafe
Thom Seivewright

Thom Seivewright

This article was updated on December 21, 2022.

Warm and toasty might not be the first words that come to mind when you think of winter in Montréal, but ask any local and they’ll tell you, cuddling by a fireplace is just as authentic an experience as anything you can do in the snow. So, to help elevate your winter game, here are some of the best fireplaces in town.

Hôtel St-Paul

Hôtel St-Paul

355 McGill Street | Website

It’s sleek and chic and magnifique! What more can be said about this modern fireplace so visually appealing that it could be an art installation? Open on both sides and surrounded by a semblance of marble lit from the inside, forget about going up to your room, it just makes you want to hang out in the lobby.


L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel

L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel

This veritable institution of hospitality was the first in North America to obtain a liquor license… In 1754!  With one foot rooted in history and the other boldly stepping into the future, this place blends old and new in a way that can only be done in Montréal. Imagine yourself sitting in the restaurant’s sumptuous dining room, sipping a delicious cocktail, with the heat of the stone fireplace on one side and the frosty windows dripping with melting snowflakes on the other.  That’s what I call winter bliss!


Maison Saint-Gabriel, Museum and Historic Site

Maison Saint-Gabriel

Not to be confused with the Auberge with the same name mentioned above, this is an historical museum that guides you through the world of rural Montréal of the 1600s. Rich in history and a perfect example of the traditional architecture of the times, a visit leaves nobody unimpressed.  The stunning fireplace might be beautiful to admire, but rest assured its purpose had more to do with survival than with aesthetics. 

Bar George

Tucked inside the mansion that used to belong to railway baron and financier, Sir George Stephen, this dapper bar sits in the Mount Stephen Hotel. As you walk in your breath will be taken away by the intricate details of the architecture. Let yourself be swept away to a time when gold plated door handles and stained-glass windows were how the bourgeoisie decorated its not-so-humble homes. Oh, and this fireplace, you ask? It’s just made of marble, custom onyx and hand painted tiles, that’s all. 


Hoogan et Beaufort

Hoogan et Beaufort

4095 Molson Street | Website

This sleek and stylish restaurant is an oasis of fine dining in the vast, sparse industrial landscape of Angus Village in the city’s southeastern quarter. They’re famous for their grilled meats, roasted on an open flame—that counts as a fireplace, doesn’t it, when you can watch the high flames lick the food from within the comfort of your seat? Saddle up to the U bar and order their famous charred focaccia and whipped butter to get the party started.


498 Youville Place | Website

The massive grey stone fireplace in this classic Montréal steakhouse sets the tone for the whole place: cozy, ancient and oh-so comforting. Walking into the downstairs dining room is like stepping through time, to a century when Old Montréal was all made up of buildings like this, with low ceilings for better heat distribution and stone walls thick enough to barricade away from the elements. The rib-eye is something to write home about, along with the Monte Carlo potatoes and chocolate mousse for afters.


Hurley’s Irish Pub

1225 Crescent Street | Website

Cozy on up at this downtown Irish pub, where during the winter months, the upstairs bar has nice fireplace to sit around while you down your pints and warm your cockles. Time your visit right by checking their online calendar and you can hear some live music too, or even participate in open mic sessions, if the mood strikes.

Brasserie 701

701 Côte de la Place d’Arme | Website

This glittering brasserie in Old Montréal’s Hotel Place d’Armes is all chandeliers, polished silverware and shine, and in wintertime, the fireplace adds an extra flicker of light. Soak in the neoclassical décor as you hit the brunch menu: a cornucopia of tasty indulgences including chicken & waffles, all sorts of Benedicts—even a morning burger, complete with bacon and a side of breakfast potatoes.


Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth | Krema Café

Kréma Café

900 René-Lévesque Boulevard W. | Website
Located right in the lobby of the downtown grande dame hotel, Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, Kréma is a great spot for a top-notch quick espresso, but also a quiet, drawn out sip next to the contemporary open fire. Pick your seat so you can people watch while you’re getting toasty—there’s nothing like a teeming hotel lobby for a peek at a cool international crowd.


Le Sarah B.

Sarah B.

360 Saint-Antoine Street W. | Website

Even when it isn’t on the fireplace at this warm and inviting absinthe bar within the Hotel InterContinental adds a vibe of homey conviviality. Take a moment to appreciate its glowing embers in the wintertime before plopping yourself on one of the amazingly patterned banquette seats nearby. Order an absinthe, some Provençal nibbles, and make this a tête à tête kind of experience.

Hotel Gault

449 Sainte-Hélène Street | Website

The open concept of this Old Montréal boutique hotel’s lobby matches the contemporary design of its glorious rooms. A fireplace towards the back of the lobby warms the space up, as do the colourful throw pillows that invite lounging for a moment before getting down to the business of travel. Take a chill pill to plan your next move within the glowing flicker of the flames.


Maison Boulud – Photos Recettes

Maison Boulud

1228 Sherbrooke Street W. | Website

As if you needed another reason to go to the Ritz! Maison Boulud in the Ritz-Carlton Montréal’s ground floor has award-winning food, a legendary garden (pretty to look upon even in the winter season) and a welcoming central fireplace to add to the luxurious feel. The seasonal dishes are inventive and French influenced—for the whole nine yards, treat yourself to the tasting menu.

Vieux-Port Steakhouse

39 Saint-Paul Street E. | Website

At this old fave Old Montréal steakhouse it’s not a matter of whether you’ll get a seat next to the fireplace—it’s a matter of choosing WHICH fireplace you want a seat by. The Sunday brunch is a crowd pleaser here, but you can’t go wrong any time of day with the sizzling steaks and the selection of seafood. Why choose? Go with the pick-your-own surf ’n’ turf.


4005 Ontario Street E. | Website

French flair and the warming flames of a fireplace emanate in the winter months from this BYOB Hochelaga restaurant. Enjoy a satisfying plateful of duck cooked sous-vide with tender seasonal vegetables, or the fresh pasta dish du jour—local ingredients are the star here, fashioned with elegance.

Thom Seivewright

Thom Seivewright

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