15 cool spots to buy jewelry in Montréal

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This article was updated on July 15, 2019.

Need it? No. Love it? Absolutely. From head to toe, we humans love to let our personality shine through our jewelry choices. And being a city with lots of personality, Montréal has plenty of boutiques that can satisfy your inner magpie. From wild to whimsical and elegant to eclectic, here’s a quick guide on where to find beautiful bijoux in the city:

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Step into this sleek boutique on chic Laurier Avenue West and soak up all the captivating gold, silver and precious stone creations by Myriam Elie. From refined bracelets to pretty pendants and wedding bands to stackable rings, each is infused with a deep and delicate sophistication.


See how Chagnon’s hand-selected materials such as chiseled pewter, sheer glass, shimmering bronze, lustrous copper and sumptuous 22-carat gold look on you. You can get these stunners at her Mile End studio or city-wide retailers too.

Corail Blanc

The goods at Corail Blanc rock a beachy, boho-chic vibe that many women can’t get enough of. Go there for unique creations that feature gold, tassel, brass, bone, and semi-precious stone, check out adornments like beautiful headpieces, body chains and anklets, and connect with the sun, moon, stars and your inner goddess.

Pictured: Toner - Gold necklace from wellDunn, handmade in Montréal.

Impact Galerie

Inspired by old Yemeni and Middle Eastern cultures, fashion and jewelry designer Ev Arad imbues each of her pieces with a distinct look that embraces both a traditional and contemporary aesthetic. See the cultural influences shine through in her sterling silver, gold and gemstone pieces, whether you’re elevating your look or getting grounded with a meditation ring.

Bagus Montréal

Your eyes will do a happy dance when they see the glass cases shining with silver and semi-precious stones in pendants, rings, necklaces and earrings from here and around the world at Bagus Montréal. Bedeck yourself with ornate Kabyle jewelry, romance bright, bold ring stones and add some flavour to your world with its vast selection of earthy and organic pieces.

Argent Tonic

A true tonic for the jewelry-deprived soul, Argent Tonic offers a treasure chest of wonders in its tiny shop on Laurier Street West. Helmed by jewelry-maker Aaron Maya, it offers earthy yet elegant creations (silver, gold, semi-precious stones and antique pieces) that aesthetes of both genders will adore.

bleu comme le ciel

Stop and gawk at the jaw-dropping window displays before stepping inside to a fantasy world of high-end boho-chic costume jewelry imported from France and the French Riviera. Look like you just stepped off a sun-kissed yacht with the swoon-worthy accoutrements of bleu comme le ciel.

Clio blue Montréal

Demurer than the above-mentioned BCLC, the equally ravishing Clio blue Montréal (an offshoot of the Paris flagship store) specializes in stylish silver creations that will make her—and his—heart sing. Bonus: Clio bleu now shares the same space with BCLC, making browsing that much easier.

The Montréal Museum of Fine Arts Boutique and Bookstore

You might not think of popping into a museum for jewelry, but you’d be amazed at the gorgeous selection of baubles at the MMFA Boutique and Bookstore. Showcasing many artists and artisans from Québec as well as other countries, including Africa, Asia and South America, the selection here is diverse and beautiful, and pricewise, very doable.

Ecksand Jewellery

This upscale, made-in Montréal company specializes in handpicked, natural diamonds and pearls that artisans then craft into jaw-dropping, I-need-that kind of creations. Pick up one of these from their swishy downtown boutique and up your chic factor tout de suite.


Roland Dubuc

Roland Dubuc, a master-class jeweler, kicks up origami a notch or two by taking single sheets of gold or silver and folding them into exquisite architectural artworks. There is high demand for his sophisticated, sculptured pieces.

Missy Industry

The miss of Missy Industry—Melissa Lafrenière—starts out with a sheet of sterling silver, and with leather she crafts edgier, urban pieces that have an upscale industrial edge. On the radar if you’re looking for something a little more badass. (by appointment or in select Montréal retailers)

Freitag Concept

Freitag has a huge fan base of bauble lovers and we know why. Showcasing an in-house brand alongside a few local designers, this trendy shop on the Main stocks an array of cool adornments that have an organic, contemporary feel. Lots of silver and pieces with semi-precious stones, and goodies for guys too.

Birks and Tiffany & Co

Being a cosmopolitan city, Montréal boasts the big names in jewelry too. A stop at Birks gives you access to sublime sparklers, ooh-la-la necklaces and watches that cost more than most people’s cars. Open since 2012, Tiffany & Co. features its signature collections (Tiffany 1837, Return to Tiffany, Clés Tiffany) and designs by names like Elsa Perretti, Paloma Picasso, and Jean Schlumberger.

Rebecca Sellers

Rebecca Sellers, blogger

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