O Som do Fado


February 7, 2019

Various music genres
Downtown - Quartier des spectacles

Originating in the cafes and bars of Lisbon’s working-class neighbourhoods in the early 19th century, fado is characterized by passionate vocals and plucked stringed instruments. Fado became Portugal’s national hymn of sorts during Salazar’s dictatorship, and is today included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.

Le Balcon invites you to discover the stirring sounds of fado with Portuguese-born artist Suzi Silva, who made her musical debut at the age of 11 in a local fado house. Today, her fado is influenced by many different types of music—from Portugal and from elsewhere, contemporary and traditional—and is inflected with jazz, which she studied in both Portugal and Montréal.

A venue as unique as they come, with a character somewhere between New York cabaret and Parisian dinner-theater, Le Balcon offers an exclusive dining and entertainment experience in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles in Montréal!



Feb 7, 2019, 8 p.m.


$23 to $63

Balcon Cabaret Music-Hall
463 Sainte-Catherine Street West
Entrance at the main door of St. James United Church
Montréal, QC H3B 1B1

Downtown - Quartier des spectacles
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