La Trouble-Fête


Celebration 375th
Downtown - Quartier des spectacles

Some have spoken of strange sightings near the banks of the Jacques Cartier Bridge and even in the Quartier des spectacles. Some believe in the existence of a terrible nighttime creature that was stirred from a deep slumber on May 17, 2017, during the inauguration of the lighting of the Jacques Cartier Bridge. Ever since, the flow of positive energy has been slowly restoring its strength and all believe that it will be at its peak for Halloween…

The city will be haunted with ghoulish fun for young and old alike, featuring spooky shows, supernatural parades and terrifying street theatre all weekend long. 


Free Activity

Place des Festivals
A quadrilateral bordered by Sainte-Catherine,
Jeanne-Mance, Balmoral and De Maisonneuve Streets
Montréal, QC
Downtown - Quartier des spectacles
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