Chromatic Festival


Annually in May

Le Village

Chromatic Festival, backed by local and international collaborations and exchanges, gives the public the widest range of comprehensive tools to enter the world of art and contemporary creation through exhibitions, conferences, screenings, concerts, performances and various educational activities. Simple and accessible, Chromatic offers a vivid approach to the art of our time. It celebrates modern and contemporary art that breaks with the chronological narrative of art history in favour of inspiration, imagination, surprise and emotion.

In 4 components, the 10th edition of the Chromatic Festival meshes digital futures with the eclectic architecture of Usine C:

Expo Chromatic: In installations, photography, video, painting, sculpture and virtual reality, over 50 artists push the boundaries of what art can be – and how deeply it can be felt.

  • Multi-artist shows Chromatic Exhibition, Art Contemporary Club Exhibition and The Letter Bet Exhibition, at Usine C
  • The surreal photographic narratives of Toiletpaper, by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, at Galerie Blanc
  • The National Film Board presents Sans objets by Moïa Jobin-Paré, combining artisanal methods with digital technologies.

Nuit Chromatic: Usine C transforms into a relaxed lounge and kinetic dance club awash in high-tech visuals.

  • Opening night and closing night feature techno, house, ambient and Afro-electronic music on three stages.
  • VICE co-presents daytime outdoor event Warm-up on May 11, while the evening Terrace events bring music to the outdoor space from May 14 to 16.
  • Performance Hyperglot Caps explores the cult of artificial intelligence and start-up culture.

Chromatic Kids: On Sunday, May 12, artists and other art-world pros lead 15 hands-on workshops for families, including screen printing, electronic music, yoga, fort-making, video mapping, clay workshops and more.

Chromatic Pro: A conference designed like a think tank for artists, art professionals and entrepreneurs. In presentations, round tables and workshops, speakers and participants tackle burning questions on culture, the economy and the place of the arts in society.


May 10 to 17, 2019.


Free activities and Fees for activities

Usine C
1345 Lalonde Avenue
Montréal, QC
Le Village
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