It takes a Village

The Village’s come-one, come-all spirit marks this rainbow-hued quarter as a vital part of the city’s urban landscape. Both an LGBT+ community gathering point and a living, breathing neighbourhood, the Village is far more than one of Montréal’s liveliest party hubs and the centre of summer's Pride events – although, nowhere else quite gets down in the quite same way.

Openness 24/7

Beaudry metro station with its rainbow pillars stands proudly at the geographic heart of Montréal’s Village, the biggest of its kind in North America. Bustling Sainte-Catherine Street running east to west acts as the gaybourhood’s main drag, stacked with fine eateries, eye-popping boutiques, and a multitude of B&B options housed in uniquely Montréalaise architecture. Welcoming nightclubs that stay packed long into the night personify Montréal’s joie de vivre and the anything goes scene awaits with arms open wide. But the fun runs 24/7, making Le Village one of Montréal’s most vibrant, open, and inclusive quarters both day and night.

Have a gay old time

Within the Village’s borders await the full gamut of urban necessities. Restaurants, shopping, Victorian-era apartment buildings and eye-popping public art installations guarantee an unforgettable wander. And did we mention flirty?

  1. Try one of the cool cafés or restaurants along Sainte-Catherine Street.
  2. Get up close and personal with Montréal’s drag queen extraordinaire Mado.
  3. Turn back the clock in Atateken Street’s well-stocked vintage shops.
  4. Get your flirt on with passers-by from one of many summer terraces.
  5. Celebrate at Fierté Montréal, the city’s annual Pride celebrations.