Montréal makes a family vacation child's play

Family trips are usually not for the faint of heart. But Montréal makes travelling with kids a bit less unravelling. How? Well, it starts with options. In this city, there’s something for everyone. Both small children and teens will love the playful atmosphere of Montréal, found in the street performers at the Just For Laughs Festival, the animals at the Biodôme or the rides at La Ronde. The more mature members of the family will appreciate the sophisticated elements of the city, discovered in archeological museums and fine art galleries. What makes Montréal great for families is that most attractions are walking distance from one another, or involve a short hop on the city’s easy-to-navigate subway system. This means less worry and hurry, and more grins and wins with the kids.

Where to start your family adventures

First-time visitors to Montréal have plenty to discover. Do you want something that will grab the kids’ attention — and hold it? Or perhaps you’d like an option where the kiddos can burn off some pent-up energy? These six activities might just do both!
  1. Connect with your inner genius at the Science Centre
  2. Look for clues to get out the SOS Labyrinthe
  3. At Pointe-à-Callière, climb aboard a huge ship and see if you are a pirate or a privateer
  4. Go ice skating (year round) at Atrium Le 1000
  5. Live an immersive experience of the Universe at the Planetarium
  6. Scream at the top of your lungs in one of La Ronde's rollercoasters
  7. Voiles en Voiles, a swashbuckling adventure park featuring two 18th-century replica ships, ropes, ladders and tons of fun
  8. Get mind-blown in a world of illusions at the Montréal Museum of Illusions