Adventures for the whole family in Laval

Located only a few minutes north of Montreal, Laval is renowned for its impressive number of amazing attractions that offer various activities, from entertainment to culture and nature. In Laval, all is possible: exploring space, defying gravity in a free-fall simulator, observing animals in their natural habitat and even playing scientist. And it’s possible to do all this in one day, if you’re up to it!

Lots of Fun and Big Thrills for All

Laval is a great playground where to live out-of-the-ordinary experiences thanks to a diversified offer of unique and exciting activities. You’ll find the activity that will best suit your taste of the moment, whether you’re planning an outing with friends or a family day.

  1. Conquest space at the Cosmodôme
  2. In canoe, kayak, pedal boat, rowboat and rabaska, discover Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, a beautiful oasis of nature at the heart of downtown Laval
  3. Shop for chic and trendy clothing, accessories and much more at CF Carrefour Laval
  4. Live the thrills of free-fall jump and defy gravity at SkyVenture
  5. Enjoy all the excitement of sport and cultural events at Place Bell!
  6. Spend time at Centropolis, Laval residents’ favourite gathering place with its restaurants, entertainment, boutiques and various events
  7. Escape from the day-to-day frenzy at Centre de la nature, a 50-hectare urban park
  8. Put on a white coat and play scientist at Armand-Frappier Museum
  9. Climb on one of the 34 indoor walls at Escalade Clip ‘n climb
  10. Tame the wave at Maeva Surf, an indoor surf centre
  11. Play a game of glow-in-the-dark mini-golf at Putting Edge
  12. Work off your energy surplus on interconnected trampolines at iSaute
  13. Use your logic and instinct to solve a puzzle and succeed at escaping a room by participating in escape games (in French only)
  14. Enjoy unique and inspiring performances by artists from here and elsewhere at Salle André-Mathieu
  15. Immerse yourself in the exotic atmosphere of Paradis des Orchidées