Where to find Wi-Fi When Travelling in Montréal

Travel is fun. But roaming fees and data surplus charges? Not so much. Fortunately, Montréal offers plenty of Wi-Fi options. Whether you need to check your email, message your AirBnB host, find a nearby sushi restaurant or post an Instagram story, you’re going to appreciate all this connection.

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The Montréal-Trudeau International Airport

After your flight lands in Montréal, you might have a few moments at the luggage carousel. Use the airport’s free Wi-Fi to post an official “I’m in Montréal” selfie! (Just don’t forget to tag it #MTLmoments.)



Montréal has one of the most ambitious free public urban Wi-Fi networks in the world. With a total of 825 access stations, guests can move throughout downtown Montréal while remaining connected via the MtlWiFi network. In the Entertainment District (Quartier des spectacles), use the free Wi-Fi network to share some live video during such big events as the Montréal International Jazz Festival and MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE. While you’re wandering through Old Montréal, use the network to view the Cité Mémoire exposition, the largest outdoor video-projection installation in the world.


The Village

The gay village is not only a place to connect with fetching locals with cute French accents — it’s also a place where you can connect to the information superhighway, so get your Tinder profiles open and be prepared to swipe right. The service is provided by a company called ZAP, who offer Wi-Fi hotspots in various places across Montréal. Learn more here.


Shopping districts

The majority of Montréal shopping malls offer free Wi-Fi to visitors. Which is perfect, as you’re going to want to post an Instagram selfie of the hot new outfit you found.


Indie cafés

While some Montréal cafés are deliberately not offering Wi-Fi (to create calm, offline gathering spaces), the majority of independently-owned cafés do have free Wi-Fi networks. 

Corporate restaurants and cafés

Montréal has a host of American-style quick service restaurants (read: McDonald’s) and cafés (read: Starbucks) that have complimentary Wi-Fi. Locations throughout the city.


Coworking spaces

For travellers who are mixing business and leisure, the city offers some innovative spaces to log a little office time. Think of Breather as the “Uber” of office space. A revamped bank, Crew Café is a stunning location to spend the afternoon. Discover these six coworking options.

Daniel Baylis

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Daniel Baylis is a writer and adventurer. Born in British Columbia, Daniel came to Montréal with the kooky bohemian notion that he would write poetry, learn to speak French and fall in love. Having achieved various levels of success in said domains, he now focuses his energy on a new hobby: artisanal pickling.

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