MTLàTABLE 2019: brunch goes gourmet globetrotting!

Tommy Dion

After seven sumptuous years, the MTLàTABLE festival has become a tradition for thousands of Montrealers. This year, the city’s restaurant week takes place from November 1 to 13, and among the 150 participating restaurants, 22 will be serving brunch – yay! We’ve broken down the list for you by type of cuisine.

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Destination: Italy

If you want that authentic Italian trattoria feel, book at table at Fiorellino Laurier or Jacopo. Dig in to a first course of delicious pizza or thick and fluffy pancakes, as you dream of the French toast with almonds and mascarpone, scrambled eggs carbonara or avocado tartine during the second. But the biggest challenge will be trying to resist devouring the basket of biscotti, cornetti or bombolone placed in front of you. How about a cappuccino to go with it?


Destination: France

If you love reinvented French classics, this one’s for you. Egg lovers will go gaga for L’Estaminet’s goat cheese and spinach omelette, Modavie’s eggs in a cup or the eggs benedict served with pork belly at Verses Bistro and vegetarian-style with mushrooms at Brasserie 701. A boudin brunch more your thing? Be sure to book a table at Les Fillettes; meanwhile, gravlax and a wild mushroom tartine will be featured on Café Le Petit Flore’s chalkboard menu.


Destination: the Mediterranean

Do your taste buds swoon for tapas, charcuteries and Spanish tortilla? Head to IBERICOS Spanish tapas tavern. Be sure to save some room for the ultra-yummy churros or caramelized French toast for dessert.


Destination: North America

From poutine to pancakes and omelettes to eggs benedict, not to mention melt-in-your-mouth waffles, these restaurants will sate everyone’s cravings. While Hoogan et Beaufort proposes an updated croque-madame and crepes with grilled apples, the Rosewood will be featuring fluffy apple pancakes. At Méchant Bœuf Bar-Brasserie, they’ll be stuffed with foie gras, fig jam and Brussel sprouts.  

Four restaurants will be serving a discovery-worthy boudin brunch: Chez Bouffe Café Bistro, which adds allspice, caramelized apples and sautéed mushrooms to mix; Caribou gourmand, which serves it with apple butter and an endive salad; and Les Enfants Terribles – Cantine and Nuns' Island, which serve it as a tartine with a poached egg, apples, mushrooms and pecans.  

Are you a fan of salty-sweet? Hambar treats you to pork belly and maple waffles, the Restaurant Samuel de Champlain has a menu of fried chicken waffles drizzled with maple syrup and Maggie Oakes is making mouths water with French toast with aged cheddar and bacon.  

Lastly, if you cannot do without the classic smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel, head to Bistro Le Ste-Cath, Taverne Gaspar, or Venice MTL Saint-Henri, which swaps out the bagel for toast.  

Though all brunch menus are a fixed price of $17, some dishes will cost a couple extra bucks. Vegetarians will also have lots of meat-free options to choose from.

So, where in the world will you be brunching?

Tommy Dion

Tommy Dion, editor, blogger and content creator

Tommy is the founder of the blog and gourmet guide Le Cuisinomane, whose mission is to showcase Québec’s local products and gastronomy. With an in-depth knowledge of Montréal’s food scene, his expertise and professionalism make him a trusted source for all the best food spots and experiences in Montréal. In addition to tasting and writing about food, Tommy also creates content for brand, always related to food and gastronomy.

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