A Super Mega 375th Dance Party

Mark Hamilton

Part large-scale group line-dance exercise, part social experiment and part flash mob, choreographer Sylvain Émard’s Le Super Méga Continental is set to commemorate Montréal’s 375th birthday in unforgettable style (96) at Place des Festivals, September 15 to 17 . Since its initial presentation at the 2009 Festival TransAmériques, Le Grand Continental has toured internationally and been hailed as a modern dance masterpiece. For Montréal’s 375th birthday, Émard raises the stakes for Le Super Méga Continental with an increased line-up featuring one dancer for each year of Montréal’s history and an aim at showcasing the city’s rich diversity and history through synchronized dance.

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A Choreography for All

The cast of untrained dancers fulfil Le Super Méga Continental’s mandate of one dance for all (puts), putting Montréalers in the spotlight (100) amongst their neighbours. Émard’s troupe of dancers not only display a knack for choreography but a united community effort built through the bonding experience of several weeks worth of group rehearsals. Through selecting 375 dancers across the broad spectrum of Montréal’s population, Émard promises an experience both inclusive and moving to commemorate an important year in the city’s history. And what better way to mark such a big historical milestone than cutting a rug en masse?

Harnessing the uplifting power of the flash mob, Super Méga acts as participatory art writ large in a piece heralded by The Globe and Mail and The New Yorker as an unmissable shared dance experience. After equally lauded performances as far away as New Zealand and South Korea, Le Super Méga Continental’s expanded presentation for MTL375 marks more than just a homecoming, but a joyous celebration of Montréal itself.

Dancing the Night Away

But there’s more to Le Super Méga Continental than simply watching. (63) Once the dancers have danced and the applause has died down, Place des Festivals transforms into an outdoor dance party featuring Poirier on the decks. From Piknic Electronik to Igloofest, Montréalers know how to get their dance on outdoors all year long and this party’s sure to kick off in similar style.

It’s the perfect moment to try out the choreography or show off your own best moves as Montréal dances into the night in celebration of a birthday summer that’s been nothing less than super mega from start to finish.


Where : Place des Festivals, Quartier des spectacles

When : 

September 15 - 8 p.m.

September 16 - 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

September 17 - 4 p.m.

Mark Hamilton

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