Plan a sensational getaway thanks to the Passeport MTL and Passeport MTL + Montérégie!

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This article was updated on November 8, 2022 

Looking for fun fall and winter activities at a reduced price? Get the Passeport MTL or the Passeport MTL + Montérégie! From museum visits to exciting adventures, make the most of your getaway with these all-in-one passes. 

Both valid until March 31, 2023, the Passeport MTL and Passeport MTL + Montérégie passes are your ticket to memorable activities and outings in Montréal and Montérégie during the fall-winter season. 

You simply need to choose your favourite attractions among those included in our colour-coded collections. 

The Passeport MTL

For only $95 (plus taxes), you’re all set to visit 5 Montréal attractions of your choice, care free, and get extra discounts along the way.  

The Passeport MTL + Montérégie

For only $115 (plus taxes), visit 5 Montréal attractions and 3 Montérégie attractions (just outside of Montréal), and enjoy other discounts on top of that!  


Get your Passeport MTL or Passeport MTL + Montérégie pass today! (If you hurry, you could get a 30% discount* on the regular price!) 


*Limited time offer. 

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