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Updated on November 11, 2020.

While we might not be getting out to our favourite restaurants or dining with friends for the next little while, many Montréal restaurants are making it easy for locals to bring their favourite flavours home. Here’s a list, organized by neighbourhood, of just some of the restaurants offering take-out or delivery service. Hats off to our culinary creators for helping to keep us safe and well fed, at home!


Downtown and the Village

Agrikol: take-out menu

Alexandre et fils: take-out menu / delivery

Au Petit Extra: take-out menu / delivery / gift cards  

Bar George: take-out menu / delivery

Benelux, brasserie artisanale: take-out menu

Bier Markt Montréal: take-out menu / delivery

Café Vasco da Gama: take-out menu

Campo: take-out menu

Chez Dévi: take-out menu / delivery  

Ferreira Café: take-out menu

Fiorellino Snack Bar – Ristorante (Downtown and Outremont): take-out menu / delivery 

Henri Brasserie Française: take-out menu

Kampai: delivery  

Kamùy: take-out menu

Le Boulevardier: take-out menu / delivery  


Le Mousso: take-out menu

Le Red Tiger: take-out menu / delivery

LOV (de la Montagne): take-out menu / delivery

Lola Rosa: take-out menu / delivery

Maison Boulud: take-out menu 

Marché Artisans: take-out menu / delivery

Moleskine Restaurant: take-out menu / delivery

O'Thym: take-out menu / delivery

Otto Yakitori Isakaya: take-out menu

Pullman: take-out menu 

Renoir: take-out menu / delivery

Restaurant Da Vinci:  take-out menu 

Restaurant Europea: delivery 

Ristorante Beatrice: take-out menu / delivery

Ryu: take-out menu / delivery

Saiko Bistrot Izakaya: take-out menu / delivery

Sésame (Quartier des spectacles and Old Montréal): take-out menu / delivery 

Tendresse: take-out menu / delivery 

Time Out Market:

Uniburger: take-out menu / delivery

Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill: take-out menu / delivery

Venice: take-out menu / delivery 

Old Montréal

Bar à beurre: take-out menu

Barroco: take-out menu / delivery

Bevo Bar + Pizzeria: take-out menu / delivery 

Bistro-Brasserie Les Soeurs Grises: take-out menu / delivery

Bistro Mimo: take-out menu / delivery

Brit &Chips: take-out menu / delivery 

Café de Mercanti Old Montréal: take-out menu

Café Olimpico: take-out menu

Chez Delmo: take-out menu / delivery

Délices, Érable et Cie: take-out menu and grocery section / delivery

Eggspectation Old Montréal: take-out menu / delivery

Elefante: take-out menu / delivery

Escondite Old Montréal: take-out menu / delivery

Fish & Bone: take-out menu / delivery

Fou d'ici: take-out menu and grocery section / delivery

Gabrielle Café : take-out menu and grocery section

Graziella: take-out menu 

: take-out menu / delivery 

Hambar : take-out menu / delivery 

Helena: take-out menu / delivery  

Ikanos: take-out menu / delivery

Jellyfish crudo+charbon: take-out menu / delivery

Kyo Bar Japonais: take-out menu / delivery  

La Méditérranée - Comptoir et Café: take-out menu / delivery

LA Pop: take-out menu / delivery

La Sauvagine: take-out menu

La Voûte: take-out menu / delivery

Le 409: take-out menu / delivery 

Le Cartet: take-out menu and grocery section 

Le Muscadin: take-out menu / delivery

Le Petit Dep: take-out menu and store / delivery

Le Petit Sao: take-out menu / delivery

Les Pyrénées: take-out menu

Loam: take-out menu / delivery

LOV de la Montagne: take-out menu / delivery

Maison St-Paul: take-out menu

Maggie Oakes: take-out menu / delivery 

Mano Cornuto: take-out menu

Marusan: take-out menu

Muru Crêpe: take-out menu / delivery

Olive & Gourmando: take-out menu

Osco!: take-out menu / delivery

Paquebot Café Old Montréal: take-out menu

Pastel: take-out menu

Pizzeria Bros Old Montréal: take-out menu / delivery

Pizzéria NO.900 Old Montréal: take-out menu / delivery

Pub BreWskey: take-out menu

Pub Burgundy Lion: take-out menu / delivery  

Restaurant L'Orignal: take-out menu / delivery

Restaurant Solmar: take-out menu 

Ristorante Quattro: take-out menu / delivery   

Rosewood: delivery

Salumi Vino: take-out menu / delivery

Sesame Saint-Jacques: take-out menu / delivery

Szechuan: take-out menu / delivery

Tommy Café + Apéro: take-out menu / delivery

The Keg Steakhouse Old Montréal: take-out menu

Touk: take-out menu / delivery   

Uniburger: take-out menu / delivery

Vallier Bistro: take-out menu / delivery

Venice Old Montréal: take-out menu / delivery

wren's: take-out menu


Little Italy, Villeray and North of the Island

Beau Mont Restaurant: ready-to-eat meals / grocery products 

Bête à pain: take-out menu / delivery 

Café Le Petit Flore: take-out menu

Cafeden: take-out menu 

Casgrain BBQ / Vin mon Lapin: take-out menu

Chez Tousignant: take-out menu / delivery 

Corneli Restaurant: delivery 

Darna bistroquet: take-out menu / delivery

Epicerie pumpui: take-out menu

Joon: take-out menu

L'Estaminet: take-out menu  

Le Diplomate: take-out menu 

Les Cavistes: take-out menu 

Lundis au soleil: take-out menu

Marconi: take-out menu

Mesón: take-out menu

Moccione: take-out menu 

Restaurant Tandem: take-out menu

Tandem: take-out menu

Tapeo, bar à tapas: take-out menu

Umami Ramen: take-out menu

Vesta Mtl: take-out menu / delivery 

Plateau and Mile End

Aldea, Cuisine portugaise: take-out menu / delivery 

Atma: take-out menu / delivery 

Bakery Les Co'Pains d'abord (Rachel): open / delivery service by bike for orders of at least $20 

Barcola bistro: take-out menu

Bistrot La Fabrique: take-out menu and wine 

Bistro Lustucru: take-out menu / delivery 

Brasserie Harricana: take-out menu

Chez Victoire: take-out menu / delivery 

Clébard: take-out menu / delivery 

Fairmount Bagel Bakery: take-out menu / delivery 

: take-out menu / delivery 

Ibericos, Taverne à tapas: take-out menu 

Icehouse: take-out menu / delivery  

Joséphine: take-out menu  

Jun I: take-out menu   

Kesté: take-out menu

La Chronique: take-out menu

Lapin Pressé: take-out menu

larrys: take-out menu / delivery 

Le Chien Fumant: take-out menu

Nouveau Palais: take-out menu / delivery  

Le Virunga: take-out menu 

L'Express: take-out menu 

Lloydie's: take-out menu / delivery  

Lola Rosa: take-out menu / delivery

Maison Publique: take-out menu

Paradis BBQ: take-out menu / delivery

Pizzédelic Mont-Royal: take-out menu / delivery 

Plein Sud: take-out menu 

Robin des Bois: take-out menu / delivery 

Saint Sushi: take-out menu / delivery

Schwartz’s: take-out menu / delivery

Stella pizzeria: take-out menu / delivery

St-Viateur Bagel & Café (Mont-Royal): take-out menu 

St-Viateur Bagel (St-Viateur): take-out menu 

Tri Express: take-out menu 

Trifecta: take-out menu 

Pôle des Rapides

Agnus Dei, caterer: ready-to-eat / delivery 

Avec Plaisirs, Frais-à-Manger: take-out menu / delivery

Beba: take-out menu / delivery

Brasseur de Montréal: take-out menu

The Burgundy Lion: take-out menu / delivery

Cafecito: take-out menu / delivery

Candide: take-out menu

Dispensa Épicerie Café italien: take-out menu / delivery

Elena: take-out menu

H4C par Dany Bolduc: boutique and take-out menu 

Janine Café: take-out menu

Joe Beef: take-out menu

Joiea Sociale: take-out menu / delivery

Le Serpent: take-out menu / /delivery

Les Enfants Terribles: take-out menu / delivery 

Marché Italien Le Richmond: take-out menu and grocery store  

Melisse restaurant: take-out menu / delivery  

Miel / Rubie's: take-out menu

Monopole: take-out menu and grovery store / delivery

Patrice Pâtissier: take-out menu

Perles et Paddock: take-out menu / delivery  

Robert Alexis: take-out menu / delivery 

Satay Brothers: take-out menu

Tran Cantine Vietnamienne: take-out menu

Venice: take-out menu / delivery 

Olympic District, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and Rosemont

Antonietta: take-out menu

Bottega: take-out menu

Cœur de Loup: take-out menu / delivery 

Darna Bistroquet: take-out menu / delivery 

Elsdale: take-out menu

Heirloom: take-out menu / delivery 

Hélicoptère: take-out menu

Hoogan et Beaufort:  take-out menu / delivery

Kwizinn: take-out menu

La Belle Tonki: take-out menu / delivery

La Bêtise (Rosemont and Verdun): take-out menu / delivery

La Récolte espace local: take-out menu

Les Canailles:take-out menu / delivery 

Le Super Qualité: take-out menu / delivery  

Lou: take-out menu / delivery

Luciano Trattoria: take-out menu

Magnolia: take-out menu

miam miam miam / vinvinvin: take-out menu

Mitch Deli: take-out menu / delivery

Mon Petit Poulet: take-out menu / delivery

Montréal Plaza: take-out menu and wine to go / delivery

Pastaga: take-out menu / delivery 

Randolph Pub ludique: take-out menu

Régine Café: take-out menu

Restaurant La Rose des Sables: take-out menu / delivery  

Rose Ross: take-out menu / delivery 

Sata Sushi: take-out menu / delivery 

Mount Royal (Côte-des-Neiges), Outremont and Westmount

Al Amine: take-out menu / delivery

Bloomfield: take-out menu

Boucherie Provisions: take-out menu 

Brasserie Bernard: take-out menu 

Brûlerie Urbaine: take-out menu / delivery

Café Leonidas Cote-des-Neiges: take-out menu

Chez Lévêque: take-out menu / delivery 

Damas: take-out menu / delivery 

Délicieux: take-out menu / delivery

Dessert Yum Flo: take-out menu / delivery

Duc de Lorraine: take-out menu / delivery

Ermitage: take-out menu / delivery

Farhat: take-out menu / delivery

Il Galateo: take-out menu / delivery

KINTON RAMEN: take-out menu / delivery

La Famiglia: take-out menu / delivery

Lakshana's Chettinad: take-out menu / delivery 

Le Caravane Café: take-out menu / delivery

Mont Tacos: take-out menu / delivery

Monteiro Grillades Portugaises: take-out menu / delivery

Ngan Dinh: take-out menu / delivery

Pizza Show: take-out menu / delivery

Pokai: take-out menu / delivery

Posher: take-out menu / delivery

Pub McCarold: take-out menu / delivery

Restaurant Le Petit Vibe: take-out menu / delivery

Restaurant Pocha de Marie: take-out menu / delivery

Restaurant Tuk Tuk: take-out menu / delivery

Roch le Coq: take-out menu / delivery 

Ryu: take-out menu / delivery

Saint-Houblon: take-out menu / delivery

Tinc Set: take-out menu

Yoon Restaurant: take-out menu / delivery

Around Montréal

Labonté de la Pomme: take-out menu / delivery

Las Olas Traiteur: ready-to-eat / delivery

Marriott Courtyard Aéroport - YUL Restaurant Bar: take-out menu

Restaurant La Piazza: take-out menu

Sucrerie de la Montagne: ready-to-eat / take-out 

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