MTLàTABLE: perfect food and Québec wine pairings with the SAQ

Seventeen BYOW restaurants bursting with flavour will be taking part in the seventh edition of MTLàTABLE. Here’s your very own guide to the best food and wine pairings, with 100% local bottles on sale at the SAQ. Treat your taste buds to a veritable feast, from appetizers right down to the dessert menu.

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Ease into your evening with appetizers and some bubbly. The fruity and vibrant sparkling wines from Domaine Bergeville, a little gem from the Hatley winery in the Eastern Townships, go perfectly with the tuna ceviche served at Madre (Masson or Fleury Street), the salmon tataki at Gaston, the Matane scallop and shrimp ceviche at Restaurant Carte Blanche and the marinated gravlax at Prince. An entrée of foie gras at Les Canailles or Restaurant Le Square more your thing? Then bring along the ice cider from Domaine Cartier-Potelle, which boasts beautiful notes of ripe apple, caramel, honey and brown sugar. Or try the ice cider from Entre Pierre et Terre, whose notes of apple sauce, marmalade and honey will make your palate sing.  


Québec offers an abundance of dry whites and vibrant reds. The aromatic and supple Réserve Rouge 2015 from Domaine St-Jacques goes wonderfully with red meat, especially the braised beef scoter at Restaurant Wellington, the braised beef cheek at Tandem Restaurant or the braised lamb at Monsieur B.


To go with the delicious Montérégie Vacherin cheese fondue at Restaurant La Raclette, pick the L’Orpailleur Seyval Blanc and Vidal, a local classic, or a Seyval Blanc from the Vignoble du Marathonien, and treat your taste buds to its nose of green apple, white flowers and honeysuckle.


Speaking of Vidal, you can pair Le Millen's shrimp brochette, black rice and lobster bisque with orange with a white wine from Domaine Les Brome, a floral and fruity selection with notes of ripe apple, grapefruit and lychee.


And for fish and seafood, like the seared salmon with coriander at Le Margaux, the roasted turbot at Lannes et Pacifique and the seared Icelandic cod at La Prunelle, make a beeline for La Côte du vignoble Côteau Rougemont chardonnay. It offers a symphony of woody, fruity and mineral aromas—pure magic with every sip.


If you’re craving the tastes of Africa at La Khaima or Restaurant La Rose des Sables, choose the Clos St-Bernard Réserve 2015, an aromatic and supple red with woody, spicy and fruity notes that are heavenly.


And sweet tooths will love the ice pear cider from Domaine des Salamandres, an organic honey wine from Cuvée de la Diable from the Ferme Apicole Desrochers or the Vandal-Cliche from L’Adélard 2009 from the Vignoble Rivière du Chêne: both go perfectly with a crème brûlée or a delicious apple or caramel dessert. Chocolate lovers, for their part, can revel in the 2011 red ice wine from Domaine St-Jacques or even the Coteau Rougemont Framboise de Glace liquorous cider.

Love local wines? Go to the SAQ’s online magazine for more inspiration on 100% local savours.

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