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Rebecca Sellers

Rebecca Sellers

There have been many positive shifts in the tourism industry, including the need for sustainable tourism. After taking a step back to reflect on how we could do things differently, we’re excited to move forward with changes that will make Montréal more sustainable and resilient at many levels – economic, social, cultural and environmental. It’s an ambitious endeavour, but it’s also what makes us tick: knowing that Montréal is a cutting-edge destination that leads by example. As a Montréal tourist or resident, you might be wondering how you can contribute to making Montréal more sustainable. Here are a few tips on how you can help out. 

Parc La Fontaine

Calculate your carbon footprint and offset your GHG emissions

Love travel, but worried about its impact on the environment? Tourisme Montréal has partnered  with the Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) and Carbone boréal, a research infrastructure at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) to develop a tool to calculate just how much greenhouse gas (GHG) you generate when you visit Montréal. Factors like transportation, accommodations, number of visitors and meals are punched in to give you an idea of your carbon footprint and how you can offset it through a donation to tree-planting and financing research projects on carbon capture. You’ll enjoy your visit all that more knowing you’re taking care of the planet. 

Lancement des Murelles - Rue Peel

Sustainable means communal: meet downtown’s Murelles

Montréal’s sustainable tourism strategy is also about social impact and making creating a tourism experience that is community-focused, harmonious and regenerative. In other words, by improving quality of life in residential neighbourhoods, including our downtown. Murelles (a hybrid of “murals” and “ruelles” - French for “back alleys”) is an initiative by Tourisme Montréal, mural mavens MU and Montréal centre-ville to spruce up and reclaim two alleyways off downtown’s iconic Peel and Stanley Streets. Everyone is invited to relax and invigorate with fresh greenery, urban furniture and colourful art until October 31. Two of these gathering spaces are currently up and running, with 20 more planned over the next five years. Let’s amplify that already-amazing downtown Montréal experience! 

Les Quartiers du Canal - Canal de Lachine

Take the Visitor’s Pledge (in your heart and head)

No, we’re not going to make you sign anything. Our Visitor’s Pledge was created to bring greater awareness to how we all have a duty to take care of our city, even if you are just passing through. So consider yourself not a tourist, but an “honorary local”, and Montréal your home away from home that you love as much as we do. When you take the Visitor’s Pledge, you commit to using reusable bottles, cups and bags whenever possible, and sustainable transportation, including walking, cycling and the bus and métro. You try to buy local too - who wouldn’t, considering our fabulously creative and inspiring designers, artisans and producers? On that note, check out the array of excellent, eco-friendly choices in the city, from hotels to restaurants, and low-impact transportation to businesses, plus many other progressive initiatives. Have a happy and sustainable visit! 

Rebecca Sellers

Rebecca Sellers

Hailing originally from the big country skies of Manitoba, Rebecca adopted Montréal over 20 years ago after living in Québec City and France as a student. When she is not writing, translating or teaching English, she can be found pedaling the city’s bike paths, strolling the streets in search of hidden gems, and striking up conversations with local merchants, creators and folks in the neighbourhood.

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