Montréal’s water fun is absolutely splashing

If you’re a water baby at heart, looking to just kick back or are thirsty for the thrill of rushing waters, dive right in with our guide to water fun in Montréal. 

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Anchor’s away!

Step aboard the AML Cavalier Maxim, and discover Montréal from the water, from the Old Port right up to the Boucherville islands. Led by a certified guide who can share a ton of interesting tidbits on the city, your cruise lets you soak up stunning panoramas as you bask on the boat’s deck. For brunch or fireworks, it’s a cruise experience you don’t want to miss. Set sail on another kind of urban excursion aboard the Bateau-Mouche, where culinary delights are paired with impeccable sights. Enjoy their dinner, discovery or special events packages. If you’re in the mood for a private cruise or for a special event, call the Navark team, which owns a fleet of 10 boats that seat 2 to 200 passengers. Cocktail hour, wine and cheese, fireworks or heritage cruises are all available. Tired of public transit or taking your car? Use the maritime shuttle service to pop over to Parc Jean-Drapeau or Île Sainte-Hélène. As you glide gently along, you can admire the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, the Olympic Basin and Jardin des Floralies walking trail. Other cruises are available, including discovery tours of the city north to south.  


Relaxing in the Old Port

The Old Port is hands-down one of the best places to experience Montréal’s water fun. From late afternoon until sunset, pamper yourself with a swanky tanning session on lounge chairs under the colourful parasols of the Clock Tower Beach. Too hot to handle? Since you can’t jump in the water, cool down under the misting stations. You can leisurely explore the Old Port in a pedal boat from Ecorecreo or aboard the Petit Navire, an environmentally-friendly electric-powered boat. You can also revel in the bounty of the St. Lawrence River with a private fishing tour, and reel in a big bass, walleye or sturgeon. Cap it all off with a picnic on an island for the ultimate summer experience.


Everybody’s gone surfin’

Surfing on the St. Lawrence? It not only challenges you to step out of your comfort zone, but also gives you a good shot of adrenaline! The team at KSF lives for adventure, water and nature and invites you to enjoy unforgettable experiences that are certified environmentally friendly. On top of surf lessons, it offers kayak outings on calm or frothing waters and SUP (stand-up surf). Not quite ready to take the dip? Then unleash your inner Kelly Slater on an artificial wave at Oasis Surf (in Brossard) or Maeva Surf (in Laval).

Extreme sports

Thrill seekers might want to try out jetboating with WET SET MTL or speed boating with Saute-Moutons on the wild rapids of Lachine. Rafting Montréal also offers excursions that make a huge splash (rafting, jet boating, river boarding or tandem raft) on the big and boisterous waters of Lachine. Get ready to dive in!


On-water meditation

Ever thought of trying SUP yoga? As you balance on a surf board, the sound of waves lapping in the background, your sun salutations will take on a whole new meaning. Pop Spirit’s water studios are perfect for testing out stand-up paddle board. Terra firma more you thing, but you still like views of the water? Bota Bota, spa-sur-l’eau in the Old Port features a complete water circuit and a magnificent garden along the riverbanks, with the option to take a dip in the St. Lawrence.  

Gliding along

Whether you’re kayaking or pleasure boating, on-water is a great way to experience the wonders of the Lachine Canal. H2O Adventures offers boat rentals (electric boats, Voyageur canoes, single- and double-seated kayaks as well as pedal boats for two or four passengers) with little detours to discover the canal’s lesser-known secrets.


The spirit of summer

During the sun-kissed days of summer, Parc Jean-Drapeau turns into its very own beachside resort. A quick five minutes from downtown, the Jean-Doré Beach offers you beautiful sand shores where you can flake and bake, frolic in the water or play volleyball. With its big, beautiful outdoor pools, the park’s aquatic complex is also discovery-worthy. And kids will have an absolute blast at Parc Aquazilla, an on-water obstacle course that will leave them screaming with laughter!

Hope it’s a splash!

Laure Juilliard

Laure Juilliard, blogger

Laure is a writer, community manager and the founder of the blog Une Parisienne à Montréal. She’s also an epicurean globetrotter who’s always on the hunt for innovative concepts and must-try restaurants. In 2016, she co-founded Slow Journeys, a webzine that focuses on ecotourism and design.

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