Marcus Restaurant + Terrace set to satiate our appetite

Blair Dohey

The Four Seasons Hôtel Montréal and, with it, the hotly anticipated restaurant by renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson have opened their doors to the world. Located on the hotel’s expansive third floor, Marcus Restaurant + Terrace, a not-so-traditional brasserie, focuses primarily on locally sourced elements used in its cuisine. Marcus hopes to become a gastronomic hub for Montrealers and visitors alike, inviting us all to come in and connect as we dine and drink.

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Along with a sprawling terrace that provides a stunning view of our city’s downtown core, Marcus Restaurant + Terrace is an excellent addition to Montréal’s culinary scene and a great place to enjoy some of the best seafood, beef and produce that our province has to offer. Each element is transformed into succulent dishes featuring fresh haddock, crab and an Indian infused beef tartare that will no doubt be a hit. Add expertly crafted cocktails and the vibrant beat that Montréal is known for worldwide and you have a great start to the warm season ahead.

Substance and style

At a private event in April 2019, chef Marcus Samuelsson unveiled his restaurant and team to a lucky few who were first to see the spectacular décor, designed by Montréal-based firm Atelier Zebulon Perron. Perron’s use of refined noble materials and trademark sharp style create a series of sleek yet luxurious spaces within the restaurant. 

The restaurant and hotel will also connect to the brand-new Holt Renfrew Ogilvy store, which adds another dimension of accessibility to anyone who wishes to enjoy a well-rounded experience in Montréal. 

Giving back

Beyond feeding and entertaining the masses, Marcus is working with local programs like desta, an organization focused on supporting black youth in reaching their educational, employability and entrepreneurial goals. It’s very important for Samuelsson that his restaurant be a contributing part of Montréal’s community and, by beginning with partnerships such as this, his restaurant joins many others in adding to our city’s diverse cultural tapestry.

Blair Dohey

Blair Dohey, writer

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